Now Trump Wants Biden to Take a Drug Test

So this is hilarious. The new talking point is that Trump wants drug tests before the debates.

Looks to me like a fallback position since the “Biden is senile and has dementia” push isn’t working and was a horrible idea to begin with. So to me this is just another ridiculous attempt by Trump to start a nonsense idea. But people’s thoughts? And out of curiosity, what drug makes you a good debater?

Can’t lie, bold move from a dude who’s clearly addicted to uppers. Ephedrine, maybe addies. The comes down with benzos.


But it’s going to be a rallying call for his supporters here. There are going to be so many threads started with “Why won’t Biden commit to taking a drug test!”

Biden should call his bluff and insist on a neutral party. I’d be genuinely curious the drugs Trump has in his bloodstream. Biden would have, like, blood thinners or some ■■■■■

Adderal, most definitely.

Biden should insist on a Tax Returns test before the debates.


All I can tell you is that I’m pretty good at this stuff," he said.

He could teach the substance abuse counselors a thing or too…just like the scientists regarding Corona Virus.

Sure, I’d be all for it, but Trump has to take a Drug test too. Both parties should be subject to a drug test by an independent party. Maybe Russia and China could send a team. Russia does Trumps and China does Biden’s

What the ■■■■ could go wrong here?

He wanted the same in 2016.

Yeah, and he brings it down with Xanax. You can tell when he comes out publicly after a day of bad news and he has that distinctive moving underwater and about a second behind events affect that only popping a handful of Klonopin or a couple Xani-bars give you.

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Yeah, was stupid then too. So he’s got nothing new this time.

The hive mind of the internet noticed that in a lot of his older pictures, packs of Sudafed are often in the background. That’s how it starts.

I always find it odd how the straight edge types wind up totally hooked on Pharma. Prince comes to mind, and MJ.

Those two, their knees were destroyed from the dancing. Older dudes in general started off buying the ED pill, the blue ones, illegally when they were harder to get like fifteen years ago and that’s the gateway drug for them to addies and benzos and so on.

A hurricane is hitting the US and this is what he’s worried about. :roll_eyes:

Maybe random drug tests as per Olympic athletes. Required to notify where they will be 24 hours/7 days a week and subject to a random test at anytime.

He must be taking a ■■■■ ton of xanax then…I take a quarter of a .25 mg when I am really in a bad anxious way…I never have that kind of affect. It simply helps me stay out of my head for the day when I am worried about something. Xanax is nothing to ■■■■ with. It took my dad down a dark path for a good part of his life. I won’t let myself go there. The President if he is taking xanax…needs to get off it. At his age, it is nothing but dangerous.

Actually I fully support this idea.

I think Biden should agree to it on the condition that immediate family members - wives, children over 18 - are included and independent results are made public.
Go for it.

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Don’t know what prescription drugs biden might be on, but they probably scoop up every bottle of fish oil available in the Delmarva before he appears in public at this point.

But obviously Trump is clean.

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You seem to forget that both hunter and ashley have had publicly known dealings with illegal narcotics. And their dad coined the term “drug czar.”