Now this is funny! Minneapolis city council asking: Where are the Police!

You can’t make this up folks. City leaders in Minneapolis who voted to defund and shut down the Police are now asking why the police don’t show up when called? Truly bat ■■■■ crazy stuff. Another reason why liberalism is a mental disorder. :crazy_face:

It gets crazy when news stories and satire become difficult to distinguish.

This story sounds like it came from the Babylon Bee, but it is a real news story.

Right? And all of the sudden the libs are tongue tied. :grin:

From the article:

“Fourth Ward council member Phillipe Cunningham expressed surprise that council members who had so recently supported doing away with the police department were now calling on the police to be doing more. He suggested the focus should instead be on using money taken from the police budget to hire “violence interrupters” and put them in place to prevent crime in the first place.”

Fear not Minneapolis the “Violence Interrupters” are on their way! You cannot make this ■■■■ up. It’s a whole new level of stupid. I can see it now, here they come dressed in tights and capes, armed only with flowers and lollipops - The Violence Interrupters.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I saw a headline today: “City Council accuses police of intentionally not enforcing the law”


Where are the libs defending this gaggle of gas heads? :smirk:

It’s hard to feel sorry for citizens of a city that elect such ■■■■■■■■■ to begin with. I wonder if it’s possible to have them removed from their offices?

That’s the problem. Dems will follow their “leaders” straight to hell and vote for them again when they get there.

But you have to feel for people stuck in high crime areas with no police presence at all. Sad stuff.

Fair question. When all was said and done, the MPD had less than a 1% budget cut. So why the increase in crime and reports of the MPD not responding to certain locations or certain crimes? What should the city do? Say nothing? Not hold the police accountable because their feelings were hurt and they shouldn’t be treated like professionals paid to do a job?

I know the replies already. The city council said mean things and threatened to abolish the police. In the end they didn’t do anything close to that, but the police are the real victims here. The city council shouldn’t expect the police to be held accountable since they were insulted.

Yeah, I do. But they’re in the minority.

I really don’t understand people who have absolutely no capacity to learn from their mistakes.

Because of the hostile environment. Many cops have already quit rather than wait to be fired. Including the chief. Can you blame them? The freak show city council is reaping the rewards of their irresponsibility. People are suffering.