Now that's funny! CNN wants an apology

CNN apparently is all in a huff because Martha McSally called their reporter what she is. A partisan hack. Now these goofballs are expecting an apology from Martha? Good grief they have nerve.

Did CNN apologize to Officer Darrin Wilson for pushing the hands up don’t shoot lie? Claiming that he gunned down Michael Brown?

Did CNN apologize to Nick Sandman for incorrectly claiming that he harassed an old Native gentleman?

Did CNN apologize to President Trump for claiming that he had a secret deal with the Russians to fix our election?

Did CNN apologize to Bernie Sanders for making the assumption, with zero evidence, that he was lying to Pocahontas?

Good lord. Is a company that never apologizes to anyone in any position to be demanding an apology?


cnn should apologize to anyone that finds their channel looking for news.


Hilarious. CNN can go to hell with their outrage machine.

That’s really going to hurt McSally with her base. /sarcasm

She’ll probably put it in her next campaign ad.

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Saw her last night on LI’s show. You can tell she’s deeply troubled by her own behavior. :rofl::grinning::rofl:

Meh they’ll be waiting a long time- McSally is earning money with her Base on that insult.

I don’t seem to remember the out and out vociousness towards members of the press before this administration tho.

I don’t remember the out and out bias and viciousness of the press ever even equaling what we’ve seen since Trump was elected.

CNN in particular has earned every bit of the derision they are receiving.


Commie News Network can go screw themselves.


Nah- FOX spent eight years attacking Obama and Clinton.

And yes derision towards CNN is fine. It’s the uglier more dangerous side I’m talking about.

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Fox did something really egregious, they presented both sides during all their news programming and in most of the opinion programming as well.

What is that “uglier side”?

Yeah, some presidents just spied on media members and their families. Locked some of them up.

Good memory.

I don’t remember the viciousness from the press toward the president before this administration either. The war against the press was started BY THE PRESS. The media choose sides and decided that they would become part of the resistance. The dishonesty is staggering.

CNN has become sooo butthurt that they are now whinning to Facebook, trying to get the Babylon Bee banned. Now CNN can’t even handle jokes without crying about it.

The desperation is palpable.

She’s was fundraising off it within hours of it happening. I assume you planned this as a way to appeal to her base.

On the other hand, she did duck a completely legitimate question.

I’m proud of her. The news is no longer the news. They are nothing but political mouthpieces pushing their agenda or as many refer to the media…fake news.


Did she duck the question? Or simply decide to give the finger to CNN?

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They are the media arm of the DNC. Nothing more.


For the sake of argument, let’s say you are right.

Wouldn’t FOX news be just as dangerously partisan?