Now that Hannity has appeared on stage with Trump, here's how Democrats should change their strategy

For the 2018 election…

First, the mainstream media should stop looking down on/firing/suspending/etc any journalists or political opinion people from appearances/donations/etc with/to politicians.

Second, the next democratic presidential candidate should coordinate and campaign with the ABC/NBC/CBS news anchors (if they can get their support). Rachel Maddow should do a “Game Day” type show prior to rallies and then appear on stage to get the message out more effectively.

Third, the candidate needs to talk to the MSM heads and lobby for full support. Republicans have really perfected a sustainable model and the left needs to copy it.

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He’s just helping level the playing field from the unfair MSM that shows bias for the liberals every day. Nothing wrong with this.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s hilarious.

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This would never happen though, the MSM has integrity.

I think Olbermann was suspended for donating to Democratic campaigns wasn’t he?


The democrats need to coordinate with the mainstream media and get them to stop any and all negative stories about any democrats. That’s what kills democrats. Not the coverage of certain politicians, it’s the fact that they run negative stories about democrats. They have got to get that to stop.

just like the MSM coordinated to deny showing Trumps ad. Game over, libs.

I think it is pretty clear that Hannity supports Trump’s policies.

I think it is also clear they have a lot of respect for each other and most likely are personal friends.

Keith Obermann and Barack Obama were friends as well.

I thought Hannity had made it clear he was neither objective, nor a journalist.

As for stumping for Donald despite saying he wouldn’t? I guess we’ll see if he addresses that today.

The problem is not supporting Trumps policies or being personal friends with him.

The problem is how it reflects on the network at large when two of your big talents are explicitly campaigning for a particular candidate or party.

How, for example, should Chris Wallace report on Hannity’s appearance? Or his previous statement denying he was going to make said appearance.

Hannity has put the hard news division in an awkward spot already. Not to mention the damage to their “fair and balanced” slogan.

You are responding to my post with a question unrelated to my post.

I have no problem with Hannity campaigning for and/with Trump. He should just be required to provide his radio and tv audience regular disclaimers that he did/does this.

When did he say he wouldn’t?

I haven’t been listening to Hannity for a while - find the show to be unlistenable. I feel like he turned a corner and is truly, unabashedly a propaganda arm for the POTUS.

FNC also gave a statement making clear he would not be on stage campaigning with Trump.

Hannity was called up to the stage. He repeated statistics.
Hannity has called out the MSM and fake news many times on his shows.
Hannity supports Trump’s policies and has been very clear about that on all of his shows.
Hannity is not a news a news anchor or reporter. He is a talk show host.

Glad to see Sean supporting big deficits

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Often, I am here for the comedy. I’ve already laughed in this thread. Keep it up!

(Don’t stop!)

Are you or are you being sarcastic?

He walked up to the stage voluntarily. This was not his show, and he is part of a larger network that presumably has certain rules in place that may conflict with the appearance he just gave.

I’m genuinely curious to see the reaction from FNC, they’ve gone dark on this for now.