Now for something really strange

The caravans will mark an odd time in world history. Is this the first time in world history where large groups of people have attempted to crash the borders and illegally enter a country run by a fascist regime? And occupied by tens of millions of white supremacists who hate them only because of their skin color?

Seriously, when was the last time anyone tried to break into a fascist country?

I have heard the proposed wall compared to the Berlin wall, so presumably people were trying to break into Communist countries.

I’ve heard the same nonsense. The Berlin wall was constructed to keep people in. The Berlin airlift was done to feed people imprisoned by the communists. We don’t need a wall to keep people in the U.S. They are free to leave any time they choose.

This is a good post. Really. I think it’s pretty clever.

That said: There is actually only a small number of white supremacists in this country. The problem is the LARGE number of politicians and Republicans who view their philosophy like a buffet to pick and chose from. Understand?

We’re not a fascist country but Trump is a fascist. Why do you think we harp on everything he does? First they came for the asylum seekers and I did nothing… and all that.

I hope this cleared things up for you!

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Re: the issues at the border.

Why isn’t there ‘good people on both sides’?

First they came for the people breaking into the country illegally and I did nothing, then they came for the drug dealers and I did nothing, then they came for the robbers and I did nothing, then I tried to rob a bank and there was no one to drive the getaway car.

I know yoy think you are being witty snd incisive but seriously mate its a crap attempt

If Trump is a fascist, then he is the worst fascist in history. With approximately zero fascist accomplishments.

So what fascist or white supremacist policies has he implemented so far? And what fascist polices is he trying to implement?

  1. State news.
  2. Muslim Ban.

There is no state news organization unless you count Voice of America…and possibly PBS.

Muslim Ban…you mean increased vetting of areas where there is high terrorist activity?

So intent means nothing to you…

If I attempt to murder but I am unsuccessful… what do you think of me?

A failure.

Am I still a murderer? A sick person? Or just a failure?

Without more information I’m going just stick with just a failure.

Got it so I am a normal person if I am unsuccessful at murder… just a failure and nothing more… just like a high school dropout! Cool!

Squeaky Fromme?

Sure…what do you think of her?

What state news?

And there was no Muslim ban. The largest Muslin country in the world is Indonesia. How did they get exampted? How about Jordan? The U.A.E, Saudi Arabia and others? They are Muslim countries. Why were they not banned?

So he forced fascism on people living in foreign countries? That is also the first time in history that this claim has been made.

2020 is going to be a LOT of fun.

Republicans needed a new boogeyman.