Now BLM/antifa are burning bibles

What’s hateful about this thread?

Perhaps. It has more potential than civilians burning some bibles.

Cars and trucks equate to a religious book?


The action would be hateful, burning those things.

Than? Oh I couldn’t disagree more.

for whom?

I don’t think the action of burning the Bible or flag were actions of hate? Do you?

depends on whether its a pick up.

It’s the government taking an active role. Ultimately, it is governments that destroy entire movements etc.

Hatred for slavery and modern day racism on this particular bible incident and hatred for the oppressions people burn the flag over.

I have no idea why you’re bringing government into it. “Government” is an end state, an objective. It doesn’t start there.

I saw your post about being more concerned about government doing it and I agree, but it’s too late then.

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I disagree. It is not hatred, it is duty.

Not a thing.

Have you seen them? A bunch of spoiled kids with too much time on their hands. It’s just a big block party to them fueled by the need for lots and lots of attention.

If burning a pig head or a bible gets them the attention they want then that is what they will do. Next up on their list when there is a meh response? Who knows.

What drives them?


insert Farenheight 451 reference here

So, that means there is a 60/40 chance it is true,

Ultimately, yes. They don’t hate racism?

ETA. Actually, I think a lot of the rioters are racist, so disregard that perhaps.

I suppose. Love of power is what drives them. Racism is an obstacle.

See edit above. :slight_smile:

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