Now 7 proofed cases Intel and Law Enforcement Tried to Entrap Trump

Proposed Trump Tower Project in Moscow—

THE PROPOSED TRUMP TOWER PROJECT IN MOSCOW, according to Mueller’s report, originated with an FBI Informant–Felix Sater

George Papadopolous—

Papadopolous was targeted by British and U.S. intelligence starting in late December 2015, when he is offered out of the blue a job with the London Centre of International Law and Practice Limited (LCILP)

Carter Page—
also a FBI Informant

Dimitri Simes—

Events at Republican Convention
criminalize normal diplomatic contacts,

Post-Convention Contacts with Russian Ambassador Kislyak
criminalize normal diplomatic contacts,

Paul Manafort
target Manafort came from the DNC

BILL BARR go fore it :wink:

The Democrat Politicians have been Projecting things upon Trump, as soon
as Hillary lost the Presidency. They had to cover up their tracks.

They had everything ready, and bought and paid for, just incase she did lose.
They stacked the FBI with Liberals at the very top.

By the way, I told ya’ll on here that Democrat Politicians colluded with Russia.
Now Conservatives, Conservative Media, and Trumps team are going to expose the truth about it more and more, over time.