November 2020 - Election Month

As democrats continue to construct their scam system, more and more states are allowing mail-in ballots well after what used to be known in America as “election day”

Some states (like election fraud prone Illinois) up to 2 weeks after.

In all now 18 states (including DC of course). more i bet to come

Whats more is PA kicked green party out

Anyway read about democracy dying here:

There is not a single state that i am aware of that allows any voting after election day. Not 1.
Every signle one of these is simply about giving time to receive votes that were cast and mailed by election day.

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who is saying that?

The poster who said this. sure sounds like he is saying that people are allowed to vote after election day. NO state allows mail in ballots after election day.


as the poster, no where do i say or imply any such thing

How is that determined by these states and is it the same consistent methodology?

Oh man, if that pisses you off then this news article is going to make your heads explode. Michigan’s ban on driving people to the polls has been blocked by a judge.

Does it have to be? Since the states are in charge of their own elections?

i still say ballots received after nov 4 are trashed. (give it one day)

improperly filled out ones too

that settles all the chaos that is surely coming after election day

it should “piss off” anyone who expects election integrity

does the judge still allow the candidate’s name to be written on their arm? lol

Trump loyalists are all in on treating a very old, established, traditional method of voting as a scam, just because Donny From Queens has tweeted at them about it.


District Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis was appointed by Donald Trump.


never were widespread ballots on this scale used in an election

that stupid narrative’s dead

what’s next in the chamber of robot talking points?

It doesn’t make sense to me how that ban can hold up after the ADA passed.

I have no problem with any voter requesting an absentee ballot that’s provided proof they are who they say they are. It’s mailing out ballots that were not specifically requested, that I have a serious problem with.

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Which is not what is happening.

As long as the method is not modified, I’m on board.

Why? You want to disenfranchise all of Oregon?

…lemme guess…the 51st state…amirite? :sunglasses:

postmarks. As far as I know that is the rule everywhere.