Nova Scotia Mass Shooting

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the gunman, 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman, who worked as a denturist, appeared at one stage to have been wearing part of a police uniform. He had also painstakingly disguised his car to look like a police cruiser.

A denturist makes dentures.

Canada, eh?

I hear the death toll is up to 16 now.

Yeah, the guy was proficient. He wrought havoc.

How many have we since 1989? :thinking:

Gee, I thought difficulty accessing firearms was supposed to prevent incidents like that.:thinking:

Guess not.

Condolences to all who lost family or friends in this latest mass shooting.

However it doesn’t appear Canada’s hoops to jump through to access a firearm prevented this event:


Bad people know no nationality.

Cases like this are not the norm anywhere thankfully.

Most shooters dont go to these painstaking preparations. For how prepared he was and the amount of work he put into it, thankfully the death toll was low.

Last one that comes to mine where the shooter prepared to a similar level was Las Vegas.

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How many have they had compared to us? :thinking:

A starting point is that they only have about 11% of the US population.

And are the shootings proportional?

Are you having a hard time staying on the thread topic?

Here, let me refresh your memory:

Nova Scotia Mass Shooting

That would drive me crazy too.

19 confirmed dead

rural Nova Scotia I assume the number of guns was quite high due with hunters and farmers.

Thoughts and prayers.

The shooter was dressed as a police officer and drove around in a police car.

“He got into his police car he had made at home and drove around pulling people over and executing them.”

Pulling out a gun when a policeman pulls you over is a good way to end up dead in any country. Trying to outrun a policeman is not a good idea either.

Most states have laws against impersonating a policeman; I assume that is true in Canada as well. Clearly the laws were not enforced.

Sad and a weird age for that type of thing. Usually the mass shooters are way younger.

How many have we since 1989?

What motivates anybody to commit such horrendous acts? Did his family or friends not see this coming and warn someone?

Was Canada on lockdown during this?