Nov. 22: Remembering JFK

For those that lived through it, the day of Kennedy’s assassination is hard to forget. I remember hearing the nuns when they broke in to the school PA and told everybody. I think I remember hearing somebody crying in the background. For all that’s come out about him since, he was still a great leader. The type of which we don’t have in the White House and could sure use now.


Title is a filter bypass :wink:

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You think that’s what keeping the commentary in this thread down? :slight_smile:

i think you are onto something

Ah Camelot. Yes, let’s remember…

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I was in the 5th grade. I remember a lot of things on that day and the days following. We were certainly a nation in morning.

I think you mean mourning. And yeah, we certainly were. Another thing I remember is that I just missed seeing Oswald killed on live TV because I walked into the room just after it happened. As I was pretty young, I’m glad I did.

He was a very good leader.

The Myth lives on! Camelot is golden.


He was only considered great because of his murder. I do remember on the 25th anniversary the school principal talked about him in our daily school announcements

We landed on the moon.

Not really. I’d say it’s current state is “moderately preserved wood plaque”

Oh really?

Where in your top 45 do you put McKinley?

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Thank you for the correction. I was watching TV when Ruby shot Oswald. We were about to leave for church. When I got there nobody had heard of it since they had left home before it happened. It really was one of the early instances of the impacts of live TV. Up to that point I do not think that anyone had seen a person shot on live TV.

Kennedy was probably the worst president the country has ever had.
He was high on methamphetamines every day he was in the WH.

He was a sexual sociopath bedding whores, Mafia molls and German spies in the WH. This subjected him to blackmail from foreign powers and from political opponents.

His demonstrations of weakness in his lack of response to the Berlin Wall and his handling of the Bay of Pigs, emboldened Khrushchev to place nuclear missiles in Cuba. This placed us closer to nuclear war than we have ever been.


It’s not a myth, and camelot was not golden.

His politics are irrelevant. JFK was a very good leader. Not a great leader. Not an above average leader.

A very good leader.

Few can dispute that claim and look credible.

You should make a movie about it. I’m sure Oliver Stone will sign on.

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I remember everything about that day and through the funeral and I had just turned 6 three days before.

My parents had gone into the city to see a show. I was at my Aunt’s house so not at school. She sent me to meet my cousin half way when school was dismissed. I remember she was skipping when I met up with her. It was not frigid cold like it was yesterday in the northeast. I only had on a sweater.

Our TV was on all day and night. Saw Oswald get shot.

True story - one of my college roommates went to the nursery school in the White House and Caroline was at her birthday party when JFK was shot.

No one can make that claim with any credibility.

Six years after his assassination.

Based on what metrics?

Every single metric you could imagine.