Notorious RBG CNN Special

You have no idea what you are talking about.

So you get an impartial view from CNN to learn the truth?


So more fake news from CNN? :wink:

Thanks- scheduled on my DVR. By all reports, a great documentary, which I missed.

And the other excellent documentary of the Summer was “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”. Not a dry eye.

Not made by CNN.

Never mind, I read it wrong the first time.

you shouldnt compare leftists to people who actually had a soul.

MY SO has a tv.

Oh, so there’s one in the house.

No. I dont live with my SO. We were married. But living separate is better for us.


10 char

I haven’t seen the movie or whatever but my guess they’re going for sainthood.

RBG the Saint Ginsburg.

Didn’t say that. But it’s an interesting film about an interesting person. Can’t we ■■■■■■■ mention ANYTHING here without someone having a stupid hyperbolic meltdown?

Not at this moment. Trump supporters are triggered after a horrible week for them.

Mr. Rogers?

Sure we can. Don’t you agree that our President gave an appropriate response on the demise of Senator McCain?

I thought it was muted, minimal, and just fine I guess, given his character.