Not trying to side one way or another...but did Feinstein obstruct hearings or potential investigations

K…yet she did.

What a scumbag maneuver by Feinstein.

She is lower than a snake. Another absurdity is he was supposedly only 17 at the time…Legally a minor.

Feinstein should be charged for whatever will stick, since being a smear talking political goon isn’t a crime per se.


Yep…but the damage is done. The Die is Cast. He will not get confirmed. At least not before the election. IT would kill republicans if they did it before.

You realize that Feinstein didn’t leak the existince of the letter, and in fact told D’s to discount it politically due to the time frame of the alleged incident, yes?

Says who? It may very well delay the vote but not until after the election, not unless she comes up with something to corroborate her story.

That’s the whole reason for doing this…is to delay the vote until after the election. They saw no way the Republicans would not bring this to a quick vote. So they had this thing…and it’s like a brick wall. It stops it dead.

Whether it does or not. This is what they think.