Not sure if Europe can put a lid on the virus

I was looking at the daily coronavirus levels by country and continent and Europe is just getting pounded at a rate that I don’t see how they can put a lid on it. It seems the virus didn’t care about all the hard work, lockdowns, laws, and testing that Europe implemented.

This is just sad, not sure there is any stopping this other than praying there is such a thing a herd immunity. Daily count close to a 1/4 a million everyday.

That is rather alarming.

Hoping for better news from hospitals and outcomes.

While the curve upward is unnerving in the states the European coronavirus trajectory is almost straight up. At a 1/4 of a million new infections a day barring a vaccine or herd immunity (If possible) how can it be stopped?

Each one of these people likely infected many others and this rise has been going on daily now for two-three weeks. Seriously leaving all politics to the side as it should be during a pandemic, how can this be stopped without the majority of Europeans being infected within a few months.

And these are all new cases not the people who already have been infected throughout the year as well as the people who have not been tested in these figures. Add those in and a daily 1/4 million daily new infections how far off is Europe from at least half of population being infected with COVID-19. The one good positive note is much less are dying which tells me we know more about, are treating it better, or hopefully the virus is getting weaker although I haven’t read anything that supports the last claim I made.

It’s not one Continental outbreak…it’s lots of little local outbreaks.

And it can be stopped but they’re not adopting the right strategy.

Speaking for my area in England this second wave seems more virulent than the first,I personally know 6 people who have tested positive in the last 7 days and numerous others who have had to self isolate.

This is a preview of just how bad it is likely to get in the US this winter.


There is evidence the virus has changed and become more virulent. So far it is less deadly…might be a combination of the virus itself and the meds we now have (and an understanding the most damaging effects are an immune system over-response and we are getting better at treating that).

However…HOWEVER…this is why we shouldn’t be so overly focused on the lowering death rate or that it “only kills the already immuno-compromised”.

Because as long as the virus circulates like this…that could change at any moment.

There’s no “back to normal” until this is controlled.

People who hope there is are just kidding themselves.

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Be careful people. Look where you’re going and how close you are to anyone? Constantly remember to wash your hands. Use Listerine a couple times each day. Put a small amount of baby shampoo in the water you use to rinse your sinuses. Pretend as if you are infected and if you were, how would you react with those you may come into contact with? Respect the potential hostility of this virus but don’t forget to live your lives people. This too…shall pass.

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But don’t wear a mask because Freeberty.

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It looks like the hospitalizations…while rising…are only approaching 30% of what they were in April.

I can be as obnoxious with myself…as I please but where others are concerned, I’ll always place your well being, above mine.

How can it be stopped?

I can see we are managing it, not stopping it though.

Managing it is even a loose term.

It’s a lot more than a little local outbreaks at 250,000 everyday and rising look at that chart, even if it stayed at that level that’s 1.75 million in a week not counting people not being tested and let’s assume that these people have and RO value of one new infection per each case which it’s more than that, it’s not going to take long to infect half the country.

Can’t remember the organization whether it was the CDC or WHO that said for every one person that tested positive at least 5 that have the virus was not tested because they are either are asymptomatic or the symptoms are so low they don’t get tested.


The mask under story is just a distraction.

There isn’t so much non compliance in EU.

What have they done incorrectly? Complacent I can see as a partial explanation.

Test and trace works well when the cases are isolated and there’s no community spread.

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The mask gets infected with the virus. How often do you clean your mask? Do you get a fresh one often? Do you touch your face, adjusting it? How many times in an hour, do you adjust it? What did you touch after? Did anyone disinfect where you touched?


Sorry I should have been more precise as I was in a subsequent post…I adopted the language of the poster to whom I was responding in this one.

It can be controlled, not stopped.

And no…we are not managing it here…we are still being reactive.

So why the big jump in EU?

Are they doing something we should or should not?

I only see a bit of virus fatigue, I was under the impression the EU was managing it better.

IMO it’s because people don’t consider and prepare for all the ways the virus is spread?

It’s still the first “wave”. You can wait on the vaccine or slow roll to herd immunity. There’s doesn’t seem to be an avoidance of the virus. Flatten the curve was the plan, right?

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