NOT SO FAST: Feds Moves to BLOCK California’s Text Message Tax | Sean Hannity

The Federal Communications Commission ruled against a recent California proposal that would impose a tax on text messages this week; setting the stage for a legal showdown between the Golden State and the federal government.

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It’s not surprising that California would try this. I’m looking forward to the plan to tax every breath the residents and visitors take in order to pay for clean air for the poor.

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The state of California already taxes my cellular bill. Reappropriate that money (without raising the tax ammount like they did with gas and diesel fuel) to do whatever they want with it.
These low income people already receive free cellular phones with text and internet services included. How are they going to tax these devices that they are already paying for (as bribes for votes - which is illegal)?
Enough coddling “low income people” for making bad decisions at some point in life that lead to them having a low income potential. Why should we pay for their slack off behavior/health problems/limited education? Some of us worked our asses off and are being penalized for doing so by having to support (in every way) those who did not and made different decisions in life. It’s simply not fair! It rewards mediocrity and penalizes hard working Americans!
The state of California is becoming like the Great Britan our ancestors fought/protested against at the Boston Tea Party. They are taxing us to a level of poverty to support the illegal rabble of their primary voting base! Low income, uneducated people who came here and made the working educated class the minority. That’s been proven through the voting base. They have forced socialism through over taxation upon working (now in the minority) class educated people. Yes, I would love to have all that I have for free and not work for it. That’s just not how it works. In nature the strong survive by eating the weak and unprepared. That’s how a capitalistic society works too. Make good decisions, get an education, abide by the laws, work your ass off and fight for what you want with every breath or, sit at home on your couch watching “the view”, Opera, CNN, and Judge Judy all day while bitching about your situation so loudly until someone gives you something for free. And the democrats always seem to provide just enough for these people to get by and vote for them again, anf again. Fact: Mexico has no Wealfare system and ZERO % Unemployment. Know why? BEVAUSE YOU EITHER WORK TO EAT OR YOU DIE. YOUR CHOICE!!!