NOT GOING TO HAPPEN: GOP Senators Vow to ‘CRUSH’ Any Impeachment Effort Against Trump 

Originally published at: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN: GOP Senators Vow to ‘CRUSH’ Any Impeachment Effort Against Trump  | Sean Hannity

Republicans in the United States Senate pledged Tuesday to “crush” any Democratic-led effort to impeach President Trump in the coming months; throwing more cold-water on progressives’ call to remove the Commander-in-Chief from office.

“Senate Republicans are vowing to crush the impeachment effort if the Democrat-controlled House passes articles of impeachment of President Trump,” reports Fox News. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to ensure that the measure, which has caused some friction even among Democrats, would be over before it could gain traction.”

“I think it would be disposed of very quickly,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told The Hill. “If it’s based on the Mueller report, or anything like that, it would be quickly disposed of.”

“It would be defeated. That’s why all they want to do is talk about it,” said Texas Sen. John Cornyn, suggesting Democrats are more interested in talking about removing the President than actually passing the legislation. “They know what the outcome would be.”

“Why on earth would we give a platform to something that I judge as a purely political exercise?” Sen. Thom Tillis told The Hill. “We have to perform our constitutional duty, but if people think that we’re going to try and create a theater that could give you the perception that this is a matter that rises to the level of Watergate, that’s nonsense.”

Recently sworn-in Rep. Rashida Tlaib vowed to move forward on impeachment Sunday; telling ‘Meet the Press’ that her colleagues are “moving towards that” as President Trump acts as if he were “above the law.”

Fading presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren became the first Senator to publicly demand the impeachment of President Trump last Tuesday; claiming Robert Mueller’s final report contains enough “information” to “begin an impeachment proceeding.”

From Senate floor, Elizabeth Warren calls for House to begin impeachment of Trump.

— David Rutz (@DavidRutz) May 7, 2019

“We are a government that works by separation of powers. We are not a government that circles-the-wagon around a leader and says everything else falls away… The information that has been given to us in the Mueller report clearly constitutes adequate information to begin an impeachment proceeding in the House of Representatives,” said Warren on the Senate floor.

“No matter how many times the Republicans want to wish it away, it’s there, in black and white in the report. I urge every Republican to read the Mueller report,” she added.

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