NOT ENOUGH: Democrats Issue NEW DEMANDS After Trump’s Executive Order | Sean Hannity

Liberal legislators downplayed President Trump’s executive order on “family separations” this week; saying the action doesn’t go far enough and issuing new demands regarding detained asylum seekers along the US-Mexico border.

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socialist party does not want a booming economy/peace in the world and or the immigration problem solved----it is about their socialist agenda. HOW DID WE KNOW THIS IS HOW THEY WOULD RESPOND???

These leftist dems are so transparent.
Leftists are never satisfied. Their entire mantra is based on complaining. If a lefty is not whining, they think something is wrong.
Schumer, Pelosi, etc DO NOT want a solution. To them, this is a campaign issue. They believe this issue will lead to their party gaining majorities in the House and Senate.
And look here. When the polling numbers, from THEIR trusted pollsters do not bear out their desired results., the lefties will move on to another narrative.

It’s time to start ignoring them. By giving them ANY type of response is giving them a platform to continue and giving them power.

And it’s time to start deporting by the hundreds - quietly and efficiently.

you know people, the Democrats have especially left the black population behind and under their feet while bilking billions for their own pocketbooks. If the democrats cared about the black population guess what? They would make reforms to keep the family together keep the dad in the home and the school situations would change providing these wonderful people with a chance at success. In fact the liberal left wing agenda carried by most of the fake news channels are direct and or indirect teachings of one Saul Alinsky a devout Satanist, look him up and see for your self. some of his works are Theistic Satanism, Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals. Another famous Alinsky piece is How to Create a Socialist State The democrats have left the American people especially our children. they do not care if your child is murdered, gets raped, has an education or even family. that’s how they keep control of you. keep you dumb, scared, on the drugs they let come through the border to keep the money flowing in, to setting you up to fail, as soon as a young person gets addicted they are not productive in society and could care less about what is really going on. well my email will probably be spammed and door kicked in or maybe get strangled by Clintons goons with a red scarf and they will tie it onto a door knob then strong arm the coroner to say it was a suicide or something. let me tell you I’m about as happy as I’ve ever been loving Christ, my wife, sons and my doggy. we have to stop these people. if sacrifice is what it takes to make an un-taught majority of people aware of what’s really going on then so be it.