Not completely happy, but I can support the 1.5 trillion stimulus proposal

If it is as reported, I can support the so called compromise stimulus bill.

Changes I would make:

– $120 billion for enhanced unemployment aid through January 2021 at a rate of $450 weekly for an eight-week transition period until states can reconfigure to the new system that would provide up to $600 weekly, but not to exceed 100% of the previous wage.

Drop to $400 per week (that’s still equivalent of $10 an hour on top of regular unemployment.) Have it with no extensions or any way of extending beyond 8 weeks if states don’/can’t/won’t get new software limiting to 100% of former wage. No new software no extra UI for that state after 8 week.

– $500.3 billion in state and local aid , which includes $130 billion for documented coronavirus state and local expenses through 2021, $120.3 billion for documented local budget shortfalls and $250 billion for proven state government shortfalls.

If a state puts riot damage into budget shortfalls, The governent entity MUST prove they did everything in their power to stop/prevent the riots.

– $280 billion for another round of direct stimulus checks worth $1,200 for adults and $500 for children. Dependent adults would also qualify for money until this plan.

Only available to US Citizens PERIOD

– $290 billion for small business and nonprofit assistance , including $240 billion for another round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds and $50 billion for a targeted employee retention tax credit.

At first glance no issues.

$15 billion for the United States Postal Service

As long as it is NOT a loan and goes into general budget. Nothing earmarked to postal investigation.

elimination of the USPS full pre-funding requirement for retiree health benefits;

Bout damn time.

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Anyone know if the 25 billion in renter’s assistance has anything to do with helping landlords out?

Landlords will pocket the 25 billion.


Fantastic news then!

Will be tough to get trumps sign off on the 500,000,000,000 for the states.


Why only US citizens? What about the permanent US residents who are here legally, pay taxes etc?

I’d say don’t go blaming Trump quite yet, but… :rofl:

Should only be a benefit for US Citizens. My opinion – reason for them to work toward citizenship.

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I am not blaming trump only that he said in the past he didn’t like giving money to states. He clearly does not want to do that. Neither does McConnell.

It clearly is a compromise. Since the dems are not getting all the money they want either. 1,500,000,000,000 sounds like a decent compromise.

We shall see.


That’s why I’d add some restrictions. And you know if it was like NY facing a 5 billion shortfall pre pandemic, that shouldn’t be included in the numbers.

Because they can manage that during the pandemic?

Well you are going to be disappointed. The first round included green card holders Whi earned below the maximum allowed so I am sure the second round will as well.

They are law abiding tax payers who are just as impacted and contribute to the coffers of the United States no less than citizens.

Like I said. Changes I’d like too see.

Hi snow!

I like the proposal. I tend to agree with the others that anyone in our system who is paying taxes should be included. The country needs this and I for one am hoping the DC idiots come together for a minute to approve things.

I agree, it pisses me off how reps on both sides are dicking about with this.

They are all trying to calculate how this can best serve them politically instead of focusing on the fact the longer this goes on, the more people are hurt.

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Our college gave Care Grant funds to students in 1500 dollar chunks as fast as we could. The money ran out 3 weeks ago and so many more people still need the help. I admire the ones trying to adapt to virtual learning and while homeschooling their kids, try to keep up in college. Many are unemployed or barely working. The aid wearing off hurt. I really want DC to do their jobs and help. It’s frustrating. I’ve got one young man who tested pos for covid then 3 weeks later his house burned down. Now living in his car, he’s trying to keep up with online physics. It breaks my heart. So yes, come on Washington. Do something.

Yeah… You don’t know what those checks are trying to stimulate apparently.

No. You went too far. Legal residents are legal.

Pelosi won’t allow it. Trump is not the problem.

Can a legal resident (non citizen) vote? Can they be deported? They are not guaranteed all rights and privileges of citizens. There fore they are not guaranteed any relief that citizens may get.