Not a single Dem Senator voted to advance their New Green Deal

That’s right. Must be in a bill form now since there the senate called for a cloture vote to advance it to an up or down vote in the senate.

Not a single Dem voted to do so. WOW

2 voted with the Republicans not to advance it (along with 1 independent who votes with the dems) for a vote of 57 nothing to not advance the bill. 42 dems decided to not have any balls and simply vote present.

The Green New Deal, a radical Democratic proposal for dealing with climate change, fell at the first hurdle Tuesday as the Senate failed to reach the 60 votes necessary to begin debate on the non-binding resolution, with 42 Democrats voting “present.”

No senator voted to begin debate on the legislation, while 57 lawmakers voted against breaking the filibuster. Democratic Sens. Doug Jones of Alabama, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona joined 53 Republicans in voting “no.” Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, who caucuses with the Democrats, also voted “no.”

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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11 dimensional chest. We’re voting against our climate change plan now to take the American public by surprise with a national emergency later.

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Ok, ok, ok…today is a day to celebrate that “we” found the limit of lib foolishness and it’s spelled AOC.

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Sadly we haven’t found the limits of TrumpCon foolishness. I fear where that limit may lie.

Me too. I thought when I voted, thank God for checks and balances. :sunglasses:

I find it interesting that McConnell believes in man made climate change… he just doesn’t want to do anything about it.

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Hmmm McConnell is the one that said their should be an up or down vote on a bill to help. Not a single dem felt compeled to put their names on the record as agreeing.


Oh wait . . . .

There’s no hurry, it’s a political move according to the sponsor of the bill. They don’t really want a vote on it until AFTER the presidential election in 2020. Guess it must not be that important of an issue that they want to wait and debate 18 month +.

Democratic Sen. Edward Markey, who co-sponsored the proposed legislation with Ocasio-Cortez, said that the Green New Deal was intended to spur debate throughout the 2020 presidential election about how best to tackle the delicate issue of climate change – not to be put to a quick vote on the Senate floor.

It’s almost like McConnell isn’t interested at all in actual legislating or regular order.

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Yeah… because they knew it was a stunt.

He did this knowing the outcome. He said he believes in man made climate change yet he refuses to lift a finger to do anything about.

Nobody does. Why doesn’t the EPA take themselves off the grid or turn off their A.C. in the summer? Anyone can do something. Very few actually do.

Rather silly argument you have there.

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As big of a stunt as the one who sponsored it?

Not a bill - a non-binding resolution.

This is just theater, not policy.

It was also a stunt.

A lot of hay is being made over a non binding declaration of goals with no legislation attached.

They ducked themselves with a poorly written memo attached to it.

It was amateur hour.

I know. It’s always silly to ask the liberals live up to their own standards or set any kind of example. Why isn’t every single home in Hollywood off the grid? Are they too poor to convert?

Weird. I thought AOC was the leader of the democratic party.

I thought we only had 12 years left? Why would Democrats not vote YES?

It’s not an actionable bill. There is nothing to debate.

It’s the equivalent of the contract with america.