NOT A JOKE: Nancy Pelosi Says ‘It Should Not Be a Crime’ to Violate Immigration Status Laws

Originally published at: NOT A JOKE: Nancy Pelosi Says ‘It Should Not Be a Crime’ to Violate Immigration Status Laws | Sean Hannity

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi echoed a handful of Democratic presidential candidates Thursday; saying simply crossing the United States border illegally should not be considered a crime.

“You cannot say anybody coming across the border is breaking the law,” said Pelosi during her weekly press conference. “Not until there is a determination whether they can stay or not.”

“It shouldn’t be a crime to have a status violation. If somebody commits a crime or is guilty of a crime … prosecutorial discretion would warrant that they, or justified that they be sent away,” she added.

“The reason that they’re separating these little children from their families is that they’re using Section 1325 of that act which criminalizes coming across the border to incarcerate the parents and then separate them,” presidential candidate Julian Castro said during Wednesday night’s debate. “Some of us on this stage have called to end that section, to terminate it. And I want to challenge all of the candidate to do that.”

Pelosi’s comments come days after four suspected ISIS members were detained in Central America.

At least four suspected members of the Islamic State were arrested in Nicaragua this week; raising serious questions and concerns over foreign agents’ ability to enter the United States through the US-Mexico border.

“Four suspected members of the Islamic State terror group were captured by authorities in Nicaragua on Tuesday after entering the country illegally from Costa Rica, according to officials,” reports Fox News.

“The Nicaraguan National Police said in a statement the four men were caught around 10 a.m. by members of the country’s armed forces after entering through an unauthorized crossing point known as La Guasimada in the Cardenas municipality, located on the southwestern border with Costa Rica,” adds Fox.

Two men have been identified as Egyptian nationals and the other two came from Iraq.

“The Egyptians were identified by police as Mohamed Ibrahim, 33, and Mahmoud Samy Eissa, 26, while the Iraqis were Ahmed Ghanim Mohamed Al Jubury, 41 and Mustafa Ali Mohamed Yaoob, 29. The first three men arrived in Costa Rica on June 9, according to their immigration documents given to police,” confirms the report.