North Korea's Kim Jong Un reportedly executes officials after failed Hanoi

In this case you’re fired forever.
Geesh…I wonder if trump and lil kim still homies.

Are you kidding?

Trump has already said, when asked of Kim’s atrocities, that ya gotta be tough when you take over a country like NK when you’re 27 years old like Kim was when he took over.

That’s not parody BTW…Trump actually said that.

Its a typical Millionaire pissing contest

Tough and in Power

Breaking Rocks

Sounds like a good 2020 slogan for Trump’s re-election.

We are not allowed to make nazi comparisons yet its okay for Trumpists to compare those on the left with a brutal evil dictatorship.

Pompeo laughed when he said he would be negotiating with different people next time

Reuter’s confirms this. North Korea executes envoy to failed U.S. summit -media; White House monitoring