North Korea's Kim Jong Un reportedly executes officials after failed Hanoi

Trump loves Kim because he is privy to intelligence about NK and it turns K-Un be crazy!

This is certainly a level up from Trump’s “Your’re Fired!” routine.


You dont come back from this firing

This is part of a broader purge currently in progress.

Not at all uncommon in a cult of personality.

Stalin frequently conducted purges.

Cult’s of personality survive on fear.

Yep, but since it can be done in the US the AG starts investigations on those who the president sees as enemies of him.

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Overall he loves his people so what’s the problem?

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Betya this dude is regretting some life choices

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Is it me, or is it not really a good look for a U.S. president to be pallin’ around with a guy like Kim?

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They are in love, and love makes us do some questionable things sometimes. So give trump a pass.


Trump got a beautiful letter and others got death. It’s very disturbing.

We have the craziest president that we’ll ever see. Please, God, give us a normal president again.

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What I found the most interesting in the article was this; Sin was charged with making critical interpretation mistakes that included missing an unspecified “last-minute offer” the North Korean leader supposedly made as Trump was about to walk out, Chosun reported.

On another note, it sounds like Kim’s way tends to agree with libs about punishing people for what he deem’s as hate speech? He’s just a little more extreme about it…amirite? :sunglasses:

Joking about a brutal dictator murdering his citizens? Klassy.


Meh, Trump supporters appreciate palling around with murderous dictators.

Its the new “cool” thing for Republicans.

Remember Trump was sympathetic to Kim doing these kinds of things and probably still is.

Speaking in a wood-paneled office aboard Air Force One, Baier put it to the US president that Kim was “a killer. He’s executing people.”

Trump replied by praising Kim as a “tough guy. Hey, when you take over a country, tough country, with tough people, and you take it over from your father, I don’t care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have – if you can do that at 27 years old, that’s one in 10,000 could do that.”

Trump went on: “So he’s a very smart guy, he’s a great negotiator and I think we understand each other.”

Baier, sounding taken aback by the president’s flippant response, pressed Trump on the issue: “But he’s still done some really bad things.”

To which Trump said: “Yeah, but so have a lot of other people done some really bad things. I could go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done.”

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Here is one of the 5 men that were executed…


Has Trump tweeted about this?

Oh well then - critical interpretation mistakes. For that, even death is not enough.

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Isn’t this the part where certain posters on the board come on and grieve for the sanctity of live like they do in the abortion threads?

Kim is just reducing governmental waste. You can’t make an omelette without, you know, murdering the chef.