North Korean Nuclear Program

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It looks like a promising start, we’ll see if it continues. I

If the price of a denuclearized NK is listening to Donald and his Trumpists declare him the greatest man since probably Jesus, it’s a small price for the world to pay.

The North Koreans have started taking apart the engine test stand at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, said Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., an expert on North Korea’s weapons programs, in a report published on Monday on the website 38 North. The dismantling work probably began sometime within the last two weeks, he said.

North Korea has also started dismantling a rail-mounted building at the Sohae station where workers used to assemble space launch vehicles before moving them to the launchpad, Mr. Bermudez said.

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Some Western officials and analysts still doubt that the country has mastered the technologies needed for launching a reliable long-range missile to a target across an ocean.

Good news.

Let me know when they do something about their nuclear program.

Unfortunately recent “doubts” over the Norks technological progress have been repeatedly blown out of the water.

They’ve gotten pretty good at what they’re doing, the assumption is that they’re having/had help.

The Norks don’t need to conduct anymore testing. They’re done, they’re a nuclear power now. The only argument is over how far their nuclear missile range is and how many they have.

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If they were serious I doubt that they would have acted as they did during Pompeo’s last visit.

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According to this thread the USA “denuclearized” in 1992… who knew!

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Pretty sure … but not 100%. There are plenty of experts here though to referee.

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Nukes are a great trade for a fifth column in the South.

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