North Korean Historic Talks?

No one here cares about the historic talks between Trump and Kim Jung Un? Too distracted of this landmark event by nothing berders like Michael Cohen?

The last “historic talk” turned out to be a nothing berder. I don’t see this one being much different.

Do I care about two liars hanging out in a room, praising each other, and making claims that won’t actually lead to anything at all?

Not really…no.

One is salacious. The other is merely affecting the future of peace in Asia.

Which one do you think is going to draw viewers?

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I thought the last talks with Korea were the historic ones.

In my case, not too distracted, too bored. The cycle of “historic talks”, “disappointment”, “outrageous conduct”, “historic talks” gets old after a while.

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North Korea is going to keep it’s nuclear weapons and Trump will claim that there is peace on the Korean Peninsula.

There… I spoiled the ending.


No one cares because it’s a farce.

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Maybe you’ll answer why we should believe these talks will be any more productive than the first ones were?

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No need to watch trump screw things up in asia…

What was scheduled first? The Sunmit or the testemony?

What I think is interesting about the summit is that North Korea has allowed open access to their press, and the Trump administration has restricted American press access.


since the last talk North Korea hasn’t stopped producing nuclear weapon, long range missiles, so I doubt this second round of talk is going to change anything.

If you seriously think this “Summit” is going to solve the Korean conflict your either stupid or drunk on koolaid.

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That is the whole reason why North Korea agreed to this they want the press this whole thing is a big PR event for North Korea just like that las tone.

since the last meeting North Korea has increased their nuclear missile from 30 to 36 based on U.S intel. U.S/North have yet to even agree on what nuclear disarmament means.

I will be the first to congratulate Trump if anything of substance is agreed upon and subsequent actions prove there is follow through; however, nothing of any substance has occurred from the first meeting.

It is interesting to see that our esteemed host no longer has an issue with a President meeting a dictator in the interests of peace. We all saw how worried and concerned he was about Obama’s willingness to meet with NK with no preconditions. Just like Fox News no longer has a problem with American Presidents meeting dictators. I am not criticizing Hannity just pointing out how his opinions have evolved since Obama.


Nothing of any substance is going to come out of negotiations with the Kim family in North Korea.

I could care less until inspectors physically go and verify that N. Korea has no more nuclear weapons.

Trump, unlike Presidents before him, is allowing the North Korean’s to USe us to validate them. It’s a total disgrace.

This, as usual, is all about Trump’s ego and ignorance.

Amazing that his supporters STILL don’t realize how Trump is downplaying the threat of NK’s nuclear ability now, just to save face—since admitting NK is still going full speed ahead with their nuke program only underlines how completely ineffective these dog and pony “summits” really are.

Trump is making our country look ridiculous, pathetic and WEAK…and his supporters couldn’t care less.

Tell that to our allies in the region who are happy “rocket man” is not testing rockets all over the place and then of course the little matter of the state of Hawaii relieved as well and those relatives who are finally getting the remains of their lost loved ones who died in N. Korea.

Everything is a nothing burger to liberals if its doesn’t politically benefit them. Amb Stevens murder, unborn and now “newborn” infanticide, invasion at the southern border, division & destruction of the country NONE of it matters at the alter of the sickness of TDS!!

Trump got Kim to stop shooting rocket into the sea… golf clap.
but in the last two years they have increased their long range missile tech and increased their short range nuclear missile stockpile.