North Korea threatens to cancel Trump-Kim summit


Of course. It had nothing to do with calling anyone “rocketman” or “honorable”. Kim has nothing to lose by testing his leverage at this point.
There was too much expectation and now too much despair (reverse for the true Trump haters)


Finally a lib that realizes there were motivations for this pay off other than the campaign.


You really should have a job working for a sleazy politician/ human being like Trump. Your skills at spin are so wasted here.


Thanks. Try this one:

“State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert said during a Tuesday briefing that they had not received any “formal or even informal notification of anything,” and are continuing to plan the summit.”


I don’t think Kim has Twitter so you won’t find anything there, Donald.


I wish I could say I’m surprised to see the left in this country going all in for a brutal communist dictator but I’m not.


Ya cause that’s totally what’s happening



They’re not giving up the nukes, which should shock no-one.

"North Korea will reconsider a planned summit with President Trump if it continues to be pressured to “unilaterally” abandon its nuclear program, according to a senior North Korean official.

Yonhap News Agency reported on Tuesday that North Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye-gwan says the country will not accept a U.S. deal that will force the country to abandon its nuclear program in exchange for the relaxation of economic sanctions."


Self portrait?


We’ve only got a couple or three threads on the subject.


Must have missed the follow-up quote from Kye-gwan being posted.


Nah, just a picture of a “strong” leader :grin:.


“Strong and Effective” is the phrase I think you’re after.

I didn’t miss anything, like I said there are a couple of threads discussing it.

This is just the north koreans doing what they do.

Kim is on the ropes and his country is crumbling around his ears. His attempts to bluff his way into S. Korea without a shot fired using nuclear blackmail failed.

Now he’s got to try and find some way to save a little face if at all possible but in the end it still ends the same. One way or another N. Korea will be denuclearized.


Discussing the Norks rattling the cage over the drills, yes.

This statement from their FM explicitly stating they won’t give up nukes in exchange for sanctions relief is new.

Kim is just fine where he is. Millions could starve and he won’t suffer any hardships, their hacking program is starting to pay off as well.

Save face? This possibility of a sit-down has been a huge gift to Kim. It’s why previous Presidencies didn’t even raise the possibility without preconditions being met.

N.Korea will not be denuclearised. They won’t give them up, and the US won’t invade or attack.


Kim can’t even keep his army fed and healthy, he’s very near the end of his rope.

You’re kidding yourself if you think we’re going to all a nuclear armed N. Korea, it’s not going to happen, doing so just guarantees nuclear blackmail for as long as he got them unless S. Korea is surrendered to him.

One way or another it will come to an end, I’m hoping he takes the peaceful route but either way it’s going to happen.


You’re already allowing a nuclear armed N.Korea, current US intel suggests they have a stockpile of around 60 nukes.

Less need to feed the army when a ground invasion is a non-starter.

I’m sure the regime will collapse eventually. But eventually can be a long, long time.


We’re not “allowing” anything, one way or another he will denuclearize or be denuked by force.

I don’t know where you’re getting your information but to have around sixty nukes they would have had to more than double their stocks in the last 18 months when they’ve only been able to produce 3-6 a year.

We can’t live with it, S. Korea can’t live with it, and Japan won’t live with it so one way or another it’s coming to an end.

There are literally tens of millions of lives in the balance so one way or another the end is near.


Not really. Trump doesn’t care that his wife is embarrassed.


You are living with it, you are allowing it. Or else we wouldn’t be here.

It was a DIA estimate from July 28th '17. Only some of them miniaturised for usage on ICBM’s though.

They’re not giving them up, and you’re not going to invade. This is the new reality, unfortunately.

N.Korea won’t use them of course, unless attacked. But they will sell the tech and be able to rattle the cage quite a bit more forcefully.