North Korea threatens to cancel Trump-Kim summit


Yup. That is a verrrry Trumpy move.


Trump calls it “The Art of the Deal.”


Trump is great…


In his own mind.


I dunno man. The guy has traitors in his own organization. Traitors. By his own words. He should do something about that.


you should ask his wife if that’s true now that she’s heard about the $130k skank. or even his kids.


What leverage exactly do you think Kim has and what makes you think that the US (Trump) really wants and needs this meeting more then NK?


my previous post should include “as MarkyS likes to call her”.

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It’s because he was not a ex-governor or senator with a loyal political staff …


or a CEO that knows how to run a large organization. or an owner of a car dealership that knows how to run a meeting.


He’s doing great… Both domestically and in foreign policy.


that massive tax cut he gave himself certainly didn’t hurt. nor did this latest China stuff.



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Your boy got punked bigly.


north Korea is like Iran cannot be trusted in anyway shape or form


After reading some of these posts, it seems we’ll soon be seeing some half naked Kim riding a horse pics being posted alone side heartfelt terms of endearment.


That’s disappointing. A lot of posters were cautious so I won’t broadbrush, but maybe 3-4 of you Trump fans should slow down a bit on the celebrations and Nobel Prizes next time.

Half of a verbal promise just to be in the same room was way too low of a bar for all that hooting and hollering.


lol - Well, it’s back to little rocket man!

So how many millions do you think are going to die when we attack him now?


And I said in that Nobel thread that it was way to early for talk about a Nobel Prize. Kim likes to play, just like North Korea has been doing for decades.
Before anything is done, there will be a period of ups and downs for many posters here. Ups and joy if it looks like the whole thing is falling apart and we near war. Sadness if it looks like there may be peace and the appearance that Trump may not do everything wrong.