North Korea threatens to cancel Trump-Kim summit


LIbby with their fingers crossed. Pretty sad… But, they will be disappointed again.


Trump is as untrustworthy as Kim.


What a foolish thing to say.




be thankful for little things. your avatar isn’t Trump as George Washington in “Die Hard - We Trumped 'Em”


…It’s still a basket case even with oil prices high. Just keeps getting worse. Considering the people just take it and won’t rise up it reminds me of Kanye’s “volunteer” line.


Lesson: Don’t put all your nuts in one basket.


He’s out-Trumping Trump.

Make somebody believe they’re getting something they really, really want. Pull back on it. Introduce chaos and uncertainty into the process.

Kim’s not an honest broker.

Neither is Trump.


Who says this wasn’t his plan all along.


Especially dog nuts!



To add, Kim has already got what he wanted.

Legitimacy on the world stage and a commitment from the President of the United States to meet face-to-face.

That’s a hell of a lot more than many of our allies have gotten from Trump.


Yeah Team!


I’ve been skeptical of him from the beginning. This is the standard operating procedure for Kim’s in NK. I was, and still am, hopefully optimistic this time would be different. But I am not so sure this was not merely a play to get China more friendly and back in a stronger alliance with NK. They can blame their decision on our aggression and hostilities, and save face with Xi, who will now likely back the NK regime if there were any sort of shooting from us.

If they do truly walk away from the negotiating table, then Kim will have shown he outplayed Trump on this one. When China started to walk away from NK, that really isolated them. But now, China is back fully supporting them, while also receiving huge concessions from us in trade negotiations. Trump looks like he is getting worked over and made the fool on multiple fronts here. Perhaps things will change though. We shall see.



There seems to be almost a rhythm with these guys.

Step 1 - they become threatening, talk about starting wars
step 2 - US slaps on sanctions
Step 3 - they become conciliatory, play nice
Step 4 - sanctions get lifted… rinse repeat


It seems like everyone predicted this and knew it was coming.
I honestly don’t remember seeing anyone post that before. I may be wrong.


There were plenty here that were skeptical of this meeting. Including myself, although I stated I was cautiously optimistic this time could be different.


No, “everyone” did not. Many people did.


You should just walk away from this angle…everyone is reporting it…


President Con Man got played by another Con Man. There goes the Nobel Peace Prize.


The official reason was the So. Korea-U.S. war games which were no secret.