North Korea resuming nuke development

Just reported on Fox. North Korea going to resume nuclear weapons development. Nice job Trump, you damn fool.

But Donald assured us that thanks to his brilliant diplomacy NK was no longer a threat.

Are we seeing FOX news become fake news? Why would they report this?

Trump is WEAK. We need STRENGTH.

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Fake news.

But but but…stupid ■■■■■

This thread will get crickets just like the deficit threads

This whole forum is becoming crickets. I wonder why.

Its almost election time, everyone is down in their bunkers.

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Wait. What happened?

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Fat Donald and Kim fell in love, that’s what happened.

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But they say that breaking up is hard to do.

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They were such a cute couple too. Two peas in a pod. I thought all their similarities would keep them together.

Did NK ever actually stop?

one might think if you start a thread that you at least read about the subject and that fellow posters would do the same.

North Korea threatens to resume Nuke program unless sanctions are removed.

doesn’t seem so stupid now but your replies do.

Trump is going to let slip the biggest dogs. He has the best dogs of war. He showed them to Kim. Kim wrote him love letters about them.

wrong again.:wink:

Ok so we remove the sanctions then they’ll stop development. Suuuurrrreeeee. And you guys called Obama naive

actually, you should read the article, he wants the sanctions removed and TRump wont do it.

so NK is threatening new development. means the sanctions are working

Read what you typed

In trumpistan, NK restarting their nuke program means sanctians are working :rofl: