North Korea resume missile testing

North has lunched several missiles into the sea, say South Korea and U.S authorities. It seem after two summit meeting between U.S and North Korea and several meeting between South and North Korea nothing has changed.

North Korea on Saturday fired several unidentified short-range projectiles into the sea off its eastern coast, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said, a likely sign of Pyongyang’s growing frustration at stalled diplomatic talks with Washington over its nuclear arsenal.

The South initially reported a single missile was fired, but later issued a statement that said “several projectiles” had been launched and that they flew up to 200 kilometres before splashing into the sea toward the northeast.

Well except for giving NK two giant steps forwards in being normalized.

All the “give Trump the Nobel” stories seem a little silly now.

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Trump told us there’s no longer a North Korean threat. Why would he lie to the nation he loves so much?

We’re safe as kittens! :us: