North Korea Launches Short-Range Missile, South Says

Let’s hope the power of love that Trump has for Kim is enough to close this rift…

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Seeing more confirmations of this.

It’s nothing - Donald assured us he eliminated the North Korean missile threat, so let’s thank him for his loving hand of protection and sleep soundly without another thought to this. :us:

Kim is over Trump and into m’ladies now.

Several missiles lunches have been confirmed including banned ballistic missiles.

can you show where he assured us of that?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1006839007492308992&



looking for where trump said he “eliminated the NK missile threat”


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So you are going to pretend that just “missiles” are our concern… and not the payload? :joy:

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Fake news…its not even Saturday yet!

i dont have to pretend

but you saw the hole in your own arguement i see.

so North Korea after two U.S Summit meeting and several summit meeting with South Korea has begun testing ballistic missiles again.

what happen to all the success that Trump was praised for.

A hole? You mean your desperate attempt to find some way to defend Trump? :joy:

I love this tweet, again in all its glory:


And a 2 million approved by trump

where was all this “praise?”

he made progress in talks. i dont recall a gaurantee that NK would not uphold their end of agreements

What progress did he make? Do tell.

What progress?

didnt you just mention all this “praise”?