North Korea: Bolton a "war monger" and "defective human product"

The New Republican Party has become the legislative embodiment of The Military/Industrial Complex. They and their crony contracts serve to benefit from perpetual war. Funny how it was an Old Republican who warned against The Military/Industrial Complex.

I dont find it funny at all

Given Donald’s history Kim might want to be careful. It’s only a matter of time before he 's replaced by a younger, hotter murderous dictator.


Of course democrats believe North Korea. And side with them against republicans.

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Democrats have been calling Bolton a war monger for 15 years. Kim just finally caught up.

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So democrats side with North Korea against republicans. Sweet.

Certainly a creatively convenient conclusion on your part.

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No explanation necessary. It’s readily apparent for all to see.

Commenting on something they said is not siding with them. We don’t.
Most of the Libs here said from the get-go that Kim would never give up his nukes.
Trump supporters said oh yes they will because Trump is a master negotiator.

Agreeing with them isn’t agreeing with them?

Anything to trash a republican, right?

Can we both agree the sun sets in the west?

Doesnt mean I like you because we agree on something.

Could be worse…he could have done a whataboutism like somebody else.

Hilarious in the context of Donald’s bromance with this dictator. :rofl:

Why do you want to make this partizan? The vast majority of Americans (no matter what political association) considers NK to be dangerous and a threat to our country. Agreeing with something their news agency said is not being on their side. Every once and a while your enemy is going to say something that is factually correct. Just because a poster here said that he believed they made a correct comment does not mean that he supports the regime. And I don’t believe he said that to slight a Republican.

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It’s the vicious cycle of LIBERALISM even libs can’t keep track of the nonsense that is spewed and the constant “whip lash” effect damages the fragile liberal mind!

Not the case at all.

A stopped clock though…

Not the case at all, except in this case. Right?

What? That Bolton is a warmonger?

Ummm… yeah they are just as right about that the same if they said that the sky is blue.

Good cop bad cop routine for Kim’s benefit. Trump is the good cop and Bolton is the bad cop.

The good cop routine, from my deep research in tv shows and movies, usually doesn’t involve saying you are in love with the suspect of mass murder. Unless they are the girlfriend/boyfriend of the suspect and not an actual cop.

If Trump helps to get rid of NK’s nuclear weapons program then it will be worth it. If not then it’s just a super creepy moment in history.