North Korea: Bolton a "war monger" and "defective human product"

Will Trump continue to side with his dictator lover? Or perhaps this is another signal for very stable genio

Funny thing is that North Korea isn’t wrong here.


Notice the differing themes here? The title is that Bolton is a war monger. The OP labels Trump a dictator lover? It was Bolton who stated that NK broke the UN treaty and Trump who says, he disagrees. Which is it that the left will approve of…Bolton…who is pushing for a confrontation or Trump…who is trying to avoid one?

What a surprise! A week ago libs were upset that Donald Trump and Kim have such a great relationship. Now that North Korea is saying bad things about Bolton suddenly Liberals love them.

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Kim is a dictator

Trump said they are in love

Trump is a dictator lover


Bolton has never met a country he hasn’t wanted to blow up. So, like a broken clock, NK got one right.


I’m just pointing out that it’s two different themes that are actually…opposing each other and I’m trying to figure out…where’s the beef? :sunglasses:

Acknowledging the psychopath in NK on any of these crazy, baiting statements by any senior official of the US government is beyond stupid.

Using them to trash a fellow American for personal gain is not only belong stupid, it’s sociopathic.


You know what? I agree. I deleted my prior post, and even though this wasn’t directed at me I appreciate you slapping me with a dose of reality.

Now…if only this was actually practiced with actions and not just empty words now being preached? The hypocrisy of this statement, knows no bounds…because I actually agree. It’s almost like we need an intervention…amirite?

Not sure I get what you are saying.

I’m confused are you asking if Trump needs to listen to Bolton more? Because this guy is pretty pro-war and I wasn’t to happy that he was appointed.

Then think about what Pelosi was saying and ask yourself if she is practicing, what you preached?

She used the statement of a psychopathic, brutal dictator to trash fellow Americans?

He’s upset that Pelosi said donald needed an intervention.

Thank you for translating…:sunglasses:

They fell in Love according to the president. Kim Jong is a third his age. Reprehensible .

We are still talking about trump

War is good for so many things

Awesome post!