North Korea agrees to denuclearize


Ok, there are nukes there now,and you remove them… Defined…


The good old days when Dem were against nuclear proliferation…


Yeah, that isn’t going to come close to cutting it. Stop faking it.


Yeah, no one believes Trump’s simpleton approach is going to change anything.


This is why we have Trump. The collective IQ of his supporters is…well I’ll leave that up to you to fill in the blanks.


And these people scream in indignation when real people don’t want to use Trump’s simpleton approach.


It is genuinely baffling. And the divide between the informed and intellectually curious, and that of the confirmation bias lack of independent thinking is just growing greater and greater by the day it seems.


Bazooka Joe bubble gum wrapper.


It was funnier watching Carl Rove’s meltdown on live TV after Obama beat Romney.


Nah, no need. They’re not a threat anymore.





He’s such a simpleton, explaining why he’s the Pied Piper of Simpletons.


This legit might end up being Trumps definition of denuclearisation :grin:.


“Within the next two years” :laughing:.


Jesus, are they really punting on this? Trump got his photo op and now they’re done?


Yup, done and done.


This was all a shuck and jive. I can’t believe it.


Has NK been shooting missile over Japan lately?.. So, it just your poor memory that make you think that…


OK, You define “remove”…LMAO!


And Trumpanzees are falling all over themselves to hail this as a major accomplishment. Unreal the depths to which we’ve descended. Oh well, maybe Trump can eventually partner with Kim on some condos and a golf course.