North Korea agrees to denuclearize


Not according to several libs who say the SCOTUS decides what the supreme law of the land is. I guess the Constitution only matters when it matters.


It’s kind of stunning, isn’t it?


That didn’t take long. Lol.


I don’t know what to say anymore. :frowning:


He had that guarantee because he knows as long as he doesn’t attack us first, We’ll never move to remove him because a) Seoul gets rocked (even if nukes aren’t used) and b) China won’t stand for it (nor Russia to a degree).


can they still run nuclear plant and enrich uranium?


He agreed to end joint military training with America biggest ally in the region.


i see the liberals are losing their minds over this. you guys have moved the goal posts so many times. first it was trump was going to start a war with korea. now liberaqls just stick their heads up obamas ass an ask what meeting? making America great is not for the liberal. they rather see americans on their knees


Trump was able to meet with Kim when Clinton couldn’t as sec of state. Kind of amusing when you think about it.


When did Clinton try to meet with Kim?


she couldn’t. the Obama regime was not even close to getting a meeting. If Clinton couldn’t then as sec of state, she would have certainly failed to do so as president


Where did you get your information?


Did that matter with the Obama - Iran deal. Maybe Trump will send Airforce cargo planes to NK loaded with pallets of 100 dollar bills.


Coherent sentences are your friend.


Don’t worry. Kim will get plenty of cash. Plenty. Trump made sure he knows that.


Have you heard all the ass kissing from Trump about the brutal dictator KJU? Sounds like the only one on his knees is our president. I thought you guys had a thing about going to foreign soil and praising despots.


Moving goal posts? How about any goal posts? What goals did Trump achieve? Is having a face to face meeting a goal? How about dealing with their nuclear weapons? How about an agreement on human rights issues? How about something concrete on conventional, chemical or biological weapons?

Trump met with Jong Un and no objective measures to address any of those issues were agreed upon. Trump could have met Jong Un at Denny’s for breakfast and we’d have the same result.

Part of “making America great,” means tackling issues that make it unsafe. I see no objective way to say Trump has accomplished that with North Korea.


They’re against whatever a Democratic president does and that’s it.


The right-wing lost its mind over the mere possibility of Obama wanting to meet.


Did you miss where Zantax said the personally he feels That Trump should be impeached if he is using the Office for Personal gain in this situation?
I agree with it as well.
Trump shouldn’t be using it for personal gain,

But i do have a question for you:
Lets say that part of the deal for NK was to get a Trump Property and they will DeNuclearize and they actually do.
Would you be opposed to that just because Trump possibly making some money?