North Korea agrees to denuclearize


The carrot are assurances we won’t remove him from power if he denuclearizes. A guarantee he doesn’t have if he doesn’t.


Is he the only world leader guilty of that we have a relationship with? I don’t think so.


I thought we were past the whole “nation building” thing.


How is that nation building?


Is there anyone worse than him that we have a relationship with? I mean, who even comes close?


I feel that regime change is associated with it.


That’s the art of the deal for ya.


There is one benefit: Lurkers and members come and go. Those that actually want to learn something, may read the comments and rebuttals of the smart people. Because of who you’re engaging with, those posts will be repeated many, many times.


Sounds like great foreign policy. I can see why it appeals to you.


Kim would be a fool to get ride of his nukes. It’s the only thing that gives him power.


Quite a few actually, China is no picnic. I didn’t see the left upset with Obama for dealing with Iran and Cuba, also not nice people.


US Constitution. Article I, Section 9, Clause 8


A, not a law, B, only broken if congress says so. If they do not consent, they can impeach, if they don’t, they have defacto consented.


Trust me, there is no danger of Kim giving up his nukes. Unless via coup or outside attack. His regime will effectively be over once he gives up his nukes. Its his raison d’être.


What makes you say China is worse than North Korea?

How many Americans have been held and forced to do hard manual labor by Chinese authorities? How many concentration camps do they have? Did they feed their family members to wild dogs there?


Wow. So, because it’s not a “law,” but written in the Constitution, as long as he’s not impeached you’re OK with it? The bar has moved even lower. Now the right is OK with the president violating the constitution.


Just more massive corruption, but technically not illegal!


I was responding more to the comes close part of the post, and to answer you anyway, scale. And yes China has concentration camps, or close enough.


Recently released video from NTD TV shows life on the inside of the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp, also known as “Ideology Education School of Liaoning Province”.
Masanjia is the home to many House Christians and Falun Gong practitioners. There crime is their religious beliefs, or from the government point of view, improper political or spiritual beliefs. Forced labor, torture and little food is a way of life for prisoners at Masanjia. They are often held without official sentencing or trials.


He isn’t violating it, from what I can see, congress has given their consent. I didn’t make a judgement on it personally but if you want my opinion, they should impeach him if he is using the office to make a profit.


Fun Facts: They also pledged in 1985, 1992, 1994, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016.
I hope this time is different but most likely…naw.