North Korea agrees to denuclearize


So not only did Trump arrange a meeting with Kim WITHOUT preconditions, he also cancelled DEFENSIVE drills with OUR ALLY in exchange for NOTHING, but Trump also gave Kim a mountain of a propaganda victory by calling those same DEFENSIVE drills PROVOCATIVE and publically PRAISING Kim as “LOVING HIS PEOPLE”…

This is what you call “winning”? I’d laugh, but it’s pretty pathetic how partisan/tribal politics is apperantly outweighing your ability to view this logically.


Yeah, that’s gonna happen. You people, I swear. This is the weakest of multiple attempts that were previously scuttled by Republicans, and you think its actually going to happen because “Now, With Extra Trump”, the worlds worst negotiator.


Trump always telegraphs his true intent. He doesn’t care about any of this. He wants to build condos in Pyongyang. That’s all he’s really after.


If he gets NK to de-nuke, who cares?



And if he doesn’t get NK to de-nuke you still won’t care that he’s breaking the law by using the office to enrich himself



“Peace is our time” now where have we heard that one before?



What law are you referring too?


If they don’t de-nuke he can’t build anything…


trump got played like a 2 bit fiddle


Because he met with Rocket man? Is Trump sending pallets of cash or something?


It’s adorable you’re still talking about “de-nuking”. That wasn’t even defined. And hey, so what about massive conflicts of interest if this thing nobody agrees on never happens?

There is simply no way you are serious about any of this. Has to be a massive troll job, some liberal agent provacateur running around trying to make Trump supporters look even more ridiculous. Well done, but I’m on to you.


Hilarious. If Russia is wasting it’s rubles having people post here, that’s a good thing. Even if they are only paying a few bucks, to get any kind of coverage they must be laying out billions.


And why will he do that? What does he gain?
The nukes are his leverage. When a reporter yelled out the question yesterday
“will you give up your nuclear weapons?” Kim turned to him and laughed.

Here is what I think is going to happen. We are going to see Putin do an all out cozy-up maneuver on NK.
He is going to tell Kim that he can relay on Russia and he can keep his nukes.
And between China and Russia NK can survive even with the sanctions that are in place.


Cuz he legitimized a Dictator that starves and murders his own people.


I think trump must find Kim inspiring in some ways


Me too!123


Yo Kim, if you go building condos with Donald Trump, make sure you get all his money up front, and THEN nationalize them.


Only in Trump idiocracy led America is the Iran deal the worst thing that has ever been created and this absolute ■■■■ burger served up by Trump seen as a complete agreement to denuclearize.

The morons are truly running the asylum.