North Dallas Home Depot

Two Dallas police officers and a civilian were shot in northeast Dallas Tuesday afternoon. Multiple sources have confirmed to NBC DFW that one of the officers has died.

Police looking for suspect.

Feels as though it doesn’t faze us much as a society anymore, just what we’ve come to accept.

What would you have us do exactly?

The suspect is in custody.

Smart thread title. Downplay shootings whenever possible.

Of course, they want to normalize shootings as just part of everyday American life.

I don’t know what the answer is but it’s sure isn’t continually bleating on about how the very fabric of American society will collapse if we make any attempt to address the issue.

I am still trying to figure out how other first world nations have gun laws and restrictions yet still remain free societies and the citizens are not under the Jack boot of an oppressive regime.

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Next shooting thread title here could be “Lowes Home Improvement”.

Stupid post. It’s in the 2nd Amendment forum. You should consider becoming a FBI agent, since you’re so good with clues.

They aren’t “free societies”.

You always say that yet I lived in the UK for 30 plus years and the US since 2004 and I was just as free in the UK as I am here. In fact in some ways I was more free in the UK as I did not have bureaucracy interfering in every aspect of my life like we have here.

If the US government wanted to become tyrannical and had the backing of the military there would be nothing you and your meet band of gun lovers could do about it.

The fact that you refuse to even discuss the subject and consider alternative views and dismiss everyone who does not get a tingle down their legs each time the subject of firearms comes up as a hoplophobe tells me you have no problem with the continued mass shootings and see that as an acceptable price for a “free society”.

And now I await the ridiculous comparison that vehicles cause more deaths so they should be outlawed. If people cannot discern the difference then there really is no hope.

Were you asked to do anything?

The US isn’t a free society either.

Well, that’s ridiculous and defies history.

we just like to shoot stuff. it’s in our history…

“On April 20, 1914, the Colorado National Guard and a private militia employed by the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company (CF&I) opened fire on a tent camp of striking coal miners at Ludlow, Colo. At least 19 people died in the camp that day, mostly women and children.”

Try answering the question.

Especially our founding.

I can walk into any gun shop in the state and in fifteen minutes walk out with a newly purchased handgun or AR.

Would you be “free” to do so in the UK or any EU country?

You may as well have painted a poster advocating for personal gun rights to stop a tyrannical government.

So what is your definition of a “free society”?

A society in which people are punished for what they do, not banned for what they might do.