North Carolina Republicans Are the Heroes We Need

North Carolina is having the best 24 hours in recent political history. Not only did they convincing send two GOP congressmen to Washington in seats they were supposed to lose, one in a seat where the Democrats almost successfully stole the seat after nullifying an election. This morning they overrode the Socialist governor’s veto by tricking the Democrats.

The Republicans said there would be no votes so a bunch of Democrats went to a 9-11 event. The Republicans then overrode the governor’s veto with the Democrats not there :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

We need more of this nationally. I’m proud today. What a terrific 24 hours!


Hyperbole to the nth degree. They held their seats in r districts.

And recent being yesterday. Or did we (the collective we including you cap) the ass whipping Nancy and d.s did when they laid wood to the r house making it their own in 2018.


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Enjoy your stolen election. The nice guy GOP is done. Now all we do is kick ass and make libs squeal.

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Libs are very fragile about it right now. They had a couple of gloating threads ready to go last night.

It went from the cheerings of an assured victory to excuses in about two posts. lol


Will do. Stolen election? What a bunch of hooey.

Sour grapes.


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Nothing was assured lol. The r,s retained the seat and it did not flip blue.



Except for this little snot-filled gem. lol


“LoW tUrNoUt!”

“rEpUbLiCaNs ChEaTeD!”

Oh, wait. That’s your thread. :rofl:


** Seats they’ve won by double digits in the past.

You people aren’t convincing anyone with a modicum of rational thought.

Why the spam six?

Answered in the other thread.


Well, maybe the Fox News crowd looking to stay in their bubble but nobody else.

Harris was not the the r candidate.


As long as that helps with this morning’s devastation. :hugs:


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Just like when Connor lamb won.


Missouri is a better indicator, IMO. :wink:

Clearly some posters are still not familiar with Mr. Capitalism.


You’re being Poed.

Committed Poe is committed.

I’d much prefer the OG MrCap.

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I remember him getting the PaulBot treatment depending on his latest topic. It’s been a while, I could be wrong. :thinking:

Off the back of a phony Russian investigation!