North Carolina President/Governor/Senator (08/15/20)

All three of the major statewide races in North Carolina are leaning Democrat.

At the moment, barring any major misstep, Cooper is looking very likely to retain the Governorship over Republican challenger Forest. In almost all recent polls, Cooper has led by double digits and Forest does not seem to be making any inroads against Cooper at all.

In the Senate race, Cunningham is maintaining a narrow, but very consistent lead over Tillis, a very bad sign for an incumbent Senator. Tillis had never been particularly popular. While this race is close enough that things can still change, Tillis had better figure out something fast. The Senate ■■■■■■■ off and going home without Covid relief is not going to help him.

Finally, the Presidential race. This races has gone back and forth, including in the last few days, but Biden has had the general advantage, albeit very narrowly.

Another factor is that Cooper’s popularity could help lift both Cunningham and Biden with reverse coattail effect.

Presidentially, North Carolina is a tossup, with the Senate race being lean Democrat and the gubernatorial race being likely Democrat. But Democrats do have a good chance to sweep all three races here.

Never gonna happen.

Biden??? We will see. Tossup.

Republicans better figure out something quick on the other two races.

I really do hope this overconfidence with the Trump fans in the GOP holds out. That will keep the non - Trump fans motivated, and the Trump fans lax.

Every little thing that might help Biden out is a good thing.

biden and now harris bore me and the rest of the country.

He should have chosen booker, or gabbard if he really wanted to get attention.

Zat rite? :sunglasses:

Apparently they don’t bore 49.3% of the nation.

It’s like they have learned nothing from the Clinton fans.


Oh my, whatever shall we do? :rofl:


Flush 4 times?

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They kinda bore Democrats as well. Myself included. I’d rather have a more exciting candidate to support … but, most democrats, myself included, are voting to remove Trump. That’s the most important thing.

I think NC will go to Trump. It will be close, but ultimately Trump takes it.
Governorship will stay with Cooper, as you stated.
Tillis is toast. Cunningham is the next Senator. Too bad Tillis hitched his wagon to Trump. It was his downfall.

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RCP now has Cunningham 4.8 points over Tillis. Link

This is how you lose an election.

Cunningham should hammer on that 24/7 from now until Election Day.

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Has the staffer already been fired?

Probably an intern who is needed back in NC to work at their dad’s law firm.

RCP now has Cunningham four points over Tillis. Tillis needs to go.

They reprimanded this staffer/intern???

He should have been fired immediately for his incredible stupidity.

This is the sort of thing that could easily lead to a Republican bloodbath in North Carolina.

Republicans could get swept statewide and I am not just talking about Trump/Tillis/Forest but all other statewide races.