North Carolina legislature being forced to create new congressional map

“So with that in mind, the judges ordered that not only must the new maps be drawn without using political data, they must also be drawn publicly. And discussions about the maps must also happen in public.”

I guess we shall see what happens.


This is interesting lets see what falls out of it. I think having total transparency is a good thing

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Exactly…draw real districts based on population only…not on voter record of that population.

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The new districts will be used for precisely one election and thrown out. North Carolina will gain a 14th Congressional District in the 2020 reapportionment, which actually will be beneficial to Republicans, as it will make it easier to add a throwaway district without triggering gerrymandering concerns.

Long term, redistricting by court fiat is of limited benefit.

Now if Democrats take the White House and Senate in 2020, they could potentially pass amendments to the Voting Rights Act requiring the use of non-partisan redistricting commissions in all 50 States beginning, effective immediately with the 2022 redistricting.

Of course, that will mean that Democrats will have to abandon their own shenanigans in places like Maryland and Illinois.

So it is possible that some members of the Democratic Caucus may not want to go that far.

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It worked out well in pennsy as the state representation matched the state as a whole.


Aren’t the redrawing maps for their own state legislature and senate as well? With new maps, it is no guarantee that the Republicans continue to control North Carolina come 2022.

But the infinite future means infinite court cases and you don’t know what a future court might rule. Not a good way to proceed in the long term.

Bi-partisan redistricting commissions work, but they can only be forced through in States that have the initiative.

Republicans likely will have majorities in both Houses of the North Carolina State Legislature regardless of redistricting. It is having SUPER-majorities that would be unlikely.

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