North Carolina asks for $929M in Hurricane Matthew recovery, Trump

#maga I wonder how this will affect the mid terms

It clearly didn’t. 1.5 years later and it’s the same story.

Elections matter.

Trump will just give that state a ton of money. It’s one of the states that support him.

They better start a gofundme. 6 million is basically nothing compared to the estimated $4.8 billion in damages

Give money to red counties, let the blue counties drown.

Federal taxes have moved from blue to red states for a couple generations. Might as well localize the trend.

I don’t mind helping conservative states or counties. The just seem to need more help. Not enough giddy up in their sel improvement for whatever reason.

Nobody’s getting money.

i bet those coastal counties (that the NC Super Majority took sales tax revenue from and dispersed it to the poorer rural counties so they’d keep getting elected) are super happy right about now.


Keep Forgotten Man Forgotten!

Don’t worry about them. They’re rich. They can afford to rebuild.

Give Red Counties everything they need.

With what money? Trump only wants to spend 6 million on recovery. That’s going to be enough to fix the red counties?

lets look at the request:

North Carolina asked for a combined $600.6 million for housing repairs and elevation,

That one should be turned down. Federal government doesn’t supply money to fix individual homes.

as well as $39 million for small businesses,

Those should be run through the small business administration

$37 million for health services,

Should be individual grand/loan request to health and human services.

$43 million for public facilities

This is the only somewhat legitimate request. Should only be fore public utilities such as drinking water, sewer, and such. And should only be to bring it into condidtion it was before the storm.

and $92.6 million for agriculture recovery.

Those affected should look to the Dept of Agriculture to see if that department has grants/loans.

So far, North Carolina has secured $1.4 billion in state and federal funds for Hurricane Matthew recovery.

So this means the state has come up with almost the entire 1.4 billion? Or is the 6 million figure not correct?



I love when the Republicans act all fiscal conservative when it benefits them… Kinda cute

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Find a place where I really havn’t.

Please and thank you.

For 8 years under Obama, conservatives counted each gallon air force one burned now all is quiet on the Western front

Don’t broadbush. I never did.

Under Obama I advocated a balanced budget amendment and flat tax
Under The Don I advocate for a balanced budget amendment and flat tax (has been revised slightly after some advice on it).

That is why you don’t broadbrush.

Sorry 98.65456% of conservatives complained about air force one fuel under Obama not all conservatives