Non-invasive glucose monitoring in the future?

This is a company that I’ve been following their updates since last summer. I was optomistically hopeful that the Mayo Clinic would find the technology works. And it appears that it does (Can’t wait to see if I can read the peer reviewed article when it comes out).
If you are a diabetic . . . just imagine a watch (or similar) that you have on your wrist that monitors your glucose level. No more finger sticks, no more invasive needle in your arm (or other location). Just something on your wrist.

… . . announced successful results from an independent pre-clinical study validating the company’s Bio-RFID™ platform technology.

Last summer they announced the Mayo Clinic would be evaluating their device.

The next phase of testing for the Bio-RFID technology will involve clinical human studies measuring blood glucose non-invasively in the body. Data collected from these studies will be included in materials presented to the FDA in a pre-submission meeting. Subsequent clinical trials will be conducted and submitted in the company’s application to the FDA.

It’s still a ways out, and not a guarantee . . . but I’ve got my fingers crossed and went to their web page and submitted my name and e-mail for consideration in the human trials.

That would be an advance that would help to constantly monitor glucose in diabetic patients.

I hope it becomes an option.