Non Citizens are Voting, it's no longer even questionable

Get money to pay for them and have easy access to ID’s.

If you want the government to place a barrier to exercise a Constitutional right, then the government should guarantee that that barrier doesn’t affect the populous in an unequal manner.

Get the government to pay for ID’s used for voting… have a clear and easy path for a citizen to get one and I will bet that you would get a majority in Congress to agree to such a thing.

Dude… you deflected from your own topic by bringing up Russians.

You did this.

Everyone has easy access to acceptable ID’s already. This is nothing but a strawman argument.


Sure give everyone realIDs for free and make them available closer to underprivileged communities. Then I am all for it.

No, I didn’t bring it up, I responded to it.

You literally brought it up for the first time in this thread in a response to me less than 30 minutes ago.

Are you okay?

No they don’t. But I believe they should be as easy as getting a social security card when you are born. Take a picture anywhere and have it used for the ID… then have it sent to your house

Make them free and make them only valid for voting.

Done and done… you would get a majority support in Congress and you would achieve your goal.

I don’t understand why this is so hard.

They found 8,700 registrations that were created by a mistake. There are 8.4M registered voters. You are talking about 0,1% of the registered voters.
I’m not saying that this shouldn’t be addressed, but how big of a deal is this?

In a close election it’s more than enough to make the difference.

It’s a big enough deal to me and many others to justify once and for all an absolute requirement for voter ID.

We’re tearing the country apart right now over supposed foreign influence in our elections when it can’t be demonstrated that even a single vote was changed as a result of it, yet here we have proof positive non US citizens are voting in our elections.


Do me a favor… scroll up to the top of the thread and read from the beginning. It won’t take long. It is less than 40 posts and then get back to me.

About as big a deal as Russians spending 75k in facebook advertising, which is brought up in the media periodically?

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Unlike that, this actually affected the vote totals and provably so.

So am I.

The discussion would not have been derailed if you would just admit that you brought up “Russians” ten posts into this thread… when it was just you and me posting … and not have to pretend that someone else brought up what you are saying is derailing your own thread.

Yes you did. You were the one to first mention Russia here in post #10.

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If you’re referring to this post fine, it’s mine. Let’s move on.

Oh … thank God…

I’ll agree the number is larger than I had previously thought. Perhaps we should tighten up offering voter registrations at the DMV because that seems to be the source.

To me, enacting strict voter ID is like using a sledgehammer on a mosquito. There will be collateral damage. How many poor and elderly will wait in line for an ID? Having recently been to the DMV the office was quite a drive away. I’m not even sure if there was a bus on that street. Then I had to wait in line for over an hour.

Considering they would need a birth certificate to obtain an ID that may include another visit to office of public records which may be another bus ride and another wait.

I don’t know about all that. You may get rid of 40 illegal votes but if you suppress 1000 legal votes how is democracy being served here?


I’m onboard with that.