Non Citizens are Voting, it's no longer even questionable

With all the outcries over foreign influence in our elections why are democrats still doing all they can to ensure that non US Citizens are able to vote in our elections?

Steeling the Vote: Allegheny County Reveals How Citizenship Verification Protects Citizens and Immigrants Alike
Posted on July 12th, 2018
Amid federal litigation with the Pennsylvania Department of State for complete access to noncitizen voter registration records, Allegheny County election officials disclosed hundreds of pages detailing how noncitizens were regularly offered voter registration by government employees and third-party drives, despite language barriers and clear understandings as to what they were signing. With no comprehensive system for detecting and removing ineligible voters from the rolls, the majority of cancellations derive from noncitizens self-reporting their own deportable offenses.

Read Steeling the Vote here.

Key Findings

139 instances of noncitizen voter registration and eventual cancellation were disclosed by the County from 2006 to 2018.
27 percent of noncitizens cast at least one ballot prior to removal.
Noncitizens remain registered for an average of six years before they are removed.
71 percent of noncitizens self-reported their ineligible registrations at great legal risk.
63 percent of noncitizens were registered in PennDOT transactions.
Allegheny County officials raised alarm about the system failures with the Commonwealth in 2008.
“Noncitizens have voted in Pennsylvania because Motor Voter registration is broken,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “This report proves how Pennsylvania failed citizens and immigrants alike. For decades, unassuming immigrants were invited to break the law in a systematic fashion while citizens suffered the consequences of vote dilution. Pennsylvania needs a comprehensive election integrity solution and Allegheny County clearly demonstrates what is at stake if the problem isn’t fixed. Congress must update and fix the flaws in the current Motor Voter system.”

Our press release on the report is available here.

Access to exhibits referenced throughout can be found, here.

It’s time for “Real ID” and an absolute requirement for Voter ID for all US elections going forward.


So am I reading this right?

Around 40 non citizens cast a vote over a period of twelve years.

Of the non citizens who were registered, the majority of them self reported that they were registered by mistake.

Is that what I am seeing?


There was no mistake, they were pushed to register via motor voter even when they specifically told the DMV people that they were not legally eligible.


Okay… 137 people over a period of twelve years were mistakenly told to register to vote. Most of them didn’t.

I mean… if this is evidence of massive voter fraud… there just had to be better is all I am saying.

According to the state’s own audit it’s around 9,000 statewide in total.

The article referenced only the findings of one county.

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Okay… if we assume then that the percentages of people who voted nearly the same you have around 2,400 non citizens voting state wide over a period of twelve years.

For jollies… let’s say that there is a state wide election every two years. That is around 400 illegal votes every election cycle.

Pretty much a rounding error.

Still… the majority self reporting that there was a mistake.


After reviewing voter records to determine how many people — including those who were not U.S. citizens — may have been ineligible to vote when they registered, the state has narrowed the list to 8,698 people for further review, according to an analysis by the Pennsylvania Department of State.

The analysis was triggered by the discovery last year of an oversight in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s motor-voter system.

The review first uncovered 11,198 potentially ineligible voters on the rolls, prompting the agency to undertake a process of confirming registrations. That resulted in 2,500 people being removed from the list recently. But about 8,700 of those registrants remain on the rolls across 64 counties, and those counties will now be tasked with confirming their eligibility or removing them from the rolls.

Allegheny County has the second-highest number of potentially ineligible registrants at 700, behind only Philadelphia County, which has more than 2,000 pending.

And too be clear… I support the efforts to tighten up the voter rolls.

I just don’t see a reason to set my hair on fire over this.


It only takes one vote to turn a close election.

You folks are ready to burn the country down over “Russian Interference” in our election without any evidence whatsoever that the best efforts of the Russians changed even one vote.

Here we have proof positive of foreigners voting in our elections yet you want to pretend it’s nothing.


Who suggested that anyone should set their hair on fire other than yourself?

All I said is that it’s time for strict voter ID requirements and nothing more.

The same people who turn a blind eye to the President and his team actively working with foreigners who were hacking their political opponents are very, very serious about the integrity of elections.


You assume a lot about how I feel about “Russian Interference”.

Have congress pass a budget that pays for a national ID that has clear and easy guidelines on how to get one for free and I would be all cool with a form of National ID used for voting.

A few people may have voted illegally, so let’s make it dramatically harder for groups for groups that just happen not to be Republicans to vote. We’re very serious about maintaining the integrity of America’s elections. Well, unless Uncle Vlad is helping to tip the scale in our favor.

Voter ID laws make it no more or less difficult for anyone to get an ID irrespective of how they vote.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign not only worked with the same Russians, they paid them to generate salacious and unverifiable dirt on the competition.

Try sticking to the topic being discussed though, we have plenty of threads on the others.

The topic is you people once again demonstrating an utter lack of consistency. An average of 5 people a year may have voted illegally in a county of well over a million individuals. That is proof we need to take real action to secure our election.

Meanwhile the standard bearer of the Republican party, his family, and the leaders of his campaign were actively colluding with foreign agents in an attempt to defraud the United States of America and nothing matters because Trump could punch your average MAGA hat’s wife in the mouth and still not lose support.

You are not only deflecting from the topic in an attempt to derail the thread what you are saying is at best completely fabricated.

Take your rants to the appropriate thread, this one is about foreigners voting in our elections and voter ID.

Why would they do that? Putin admitted that he wanted trump to win.

Ask them, they did it.

Putin wanted to sow division and democrats continue to ensure he succeeds.

Yea, Democrats are the folks who voted for a man who surrounded himself with Russian owned pawns who routinely lied about their connections and continue to support him to this day.