Noem and lewandowski affair

The ones that dress up in the tacticool gear?..lmao

soldiers probably do sure

not sure what’s so crack up funny about that

The whole “real men” comment cracks me up. What makes somebody a “real man”?

ah ok well

imagine what you think a real man is

it’s the opposite of that : )

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What a stupid thread.

When someone is being falsely accused the dont mince words they come right out and call garbage garbage…

This story is garbage.


“ Gov. Kristi Noem Wednesday denied allegations from a conservative media outlet that she is having an extramarital affair with former Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski.

“These rumors are total garbage and a disgusting lie,” the South Dakota Republican tweeted. “These old, tired attacks on conservative women are based on a falsehood that we can’t achieve anything without a man’s help. I love Bryon. I’m proud of the God-fearing family we’ve raised together. Now I’m getting back to work.”

Bet the believe all women crowd acts like a bunch of hypocrites yet again.

You guys must be getting desperate to change to subject from your failed fool president.


To be clear this accusation originally came up from a conservative publication. I suspect that it might be a hit job.


Most adulterers lie about it.

Fired again. He’s a delight. I guess Trump never forgave him for Hope Hicks.

Yeah interesting timing. Corey done been fired by the Trumps for sexual harassment which is ironic by itself. I’m guessing he’s having a bad day. He’s a garbage person anyway- good riddance.

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You mispelled liberals.

Yes, because as we all know, “American Greatness” is such a well-known liberal publication.

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Derpie derp

Ha that’s a good one. So original and clever. :roll_eyes:

Ahhh, The Clinton strategy. Brilliant!!!

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When partisanship melts brains.

You’re right…neither original nor clever…

Just my honest opinion of the left in America today.

I had the pleasure of meeting Governor Noem one time. I know several people who know her…I admire her trust her and believe her.

I’m fascinated by two stories in two days being shared by leftists coming after her.

Tells me y’all are desperate to discuss anything other than your farce president.

My humble opinion.

That’s why I put up the desantis rumor on my OP.

If anything it’s a con hit job on one of their own.


The 1,2 punch of the nepotism story and this…it is interesting.

the Lewandowski story is from far right media.