NOAA, just making up climate data during Obama

Nice article from last year. I imagine it was lost becasue of all the Trump rooskie fake news.

A whistle blower (you know the type of person Ol’flexible would use the espionage act against)
tells of how they would just change the data and not archive the reason. I bet the goal was to eliminate the pause.

“The NOAA ‘corrected’ data they didn’t like and — surprise — didn’t archive the evidence.”

Then the smear attacks…


Hey, this issue again.

Just like when we hashed it out on the old boards, it wasn’t an issue of “making up data”. Bates had procedural issues with how data was archived. The Daily Mail even had to issue a retraction.

For those not too lazy to actually click in to the Daily Mail link in the National Review article, the first several paragraphs are their retraction.

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This was not the daily mail.

So you didn’t even read the first paragraph of your own link. Awesome.

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No, but it cites a retracted article from the daily mail as it’s lead point.

The whistleblower, Dr. John Bates, led NOAA’s climate-data records program for ten years and reveals stunning allegations in a lengthy Daily Mail exposé posted February 4.

" A Climate Scientist Is Smeared for Blowing the Whistle on ‘Corrected’ Data"

Pelosi had a term for this kind of smear… Just like Brett K.

However Bates, who acknowledges that Earth is warming from man-made carbon dioxide emissions, said in the interview that there was “no data tampering, no data changing, nothing malicious.”

“It’s really a story of not disclosing what you did,” Bates said in the interview. “It’s not trumped up data in any way shape or form.” [1]


The deception is well documented. And libs will believe any hand waving justification that is used to explain it away.

I just wish they would explain the last 6 or 7 time the earth warmed up with no industrial presence on earth. One lib told me it was “not the same earth”…lol!

Can you please link a post or article claiming that the earth warming has only happened once(now)?

The first 6 times was just a warning to all the other animals on earth that this is what will happen if humans are allowed to survive.

Climate change is a chinese hoax and I’m still amazed there are people stupid enough to believe it.

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What about NASA??? According to NASA, last year was the 2nd warmest year on record.

Wow this thread is amazing.

“Your article is retracted.”

“No this is a different article!”

“Your article links to the retracted article.”


No wonder people believe all of Trumps lies. There’s not a lot up there in the first place.

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