No tweets from Trump

No tweets from fat donald yesterday or today on this Flynn reveal from two nights ago. Interesting how there are only two people that he has never, ever criticized before and that’s Flynn and Putin. Did I mention never, ever, ever?

I noticed that as well. Very strange.

My money is on someone hiding his phone in a secure location yesterday before the funeral. If so, he probably hasn’t found it yet.

Are we still trying to “lock her up” :thinking:

This is Trump’s last tweet from yesterday.

Capping off the National Day of Remembrance by making it about himself.

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Fat donald’s latest tweet, seems absolutely terrified and still, not one negative sentence about Flynn.

Oddly enough no tweets of real deal election fraud going on in North Carolina.

Presidential Harassment! That’s what it’s called. Some people are saying that Trump’s approval rating would be at 9001% if it wasn’t for the fake news. Why isn’t anyone talking about the great things that are happening to the vets right now?

See? The VA won’t ignore federal law after all! The move came just hours after Paul Lawrence, the VA’s undersecretary for benefits, testified on Capitol Hill that the amount of work it would take to figure out how many were shortchanged and by how much wouldn’t be worth it.

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What has he done for vets?

I wonder if that directive came from the President’s Mar-a-lago buddies who for some inexplicable reason have a lot of pull at the VA.

Typing that out I realize how insane that is and it would bring down a lesser administration.


Over 1,000 ballots collected and trashed.


One would think that Kris Kobach would be drop shipped in to put an end to this mess.

I guess no one warned Trump that harassing elected officials is considered a full contact sport in the United States.

love this counter tweet:

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They we’re to busy making sure that Nazis wouldn’t be offended then paying the soldiers who actually killed Nazis