NO THANKS: With Unemployment at 3.6%, Elizabeth Warren Promises to ‘Remake the US Economy’

Originally published at: NO THANKS: With Unemployment at 3.6%, Elizabeth Warren Promises to ‘Remake the US Economy’ | Sean Hannity

Despite record low unemployment, rising wages, and a booming job market; 2020 challenger Elizabeth Warren is unveiling a series of proposals that she hopes will “remake” the American economy.

“As the 23 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination struggle to distinguish themselves, Senator Elizabeth Warren has set herself apart with a series of sweeping proposals that would significantly remake the American economy, covering everything from tax policy to student debt relief and offering a detailed portrait of what her presidency might look like,” reports the New York Times.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has laid out a series of policies that would significantly remake the American economy. Here's what that might look like.

— NYT Politics (@nytpolitics) June 10, 2019

“Many of the proposals from Ms. Warren, a former Harvard law professor and hawk on financial regulation, could face a difficult path to winning over moderates in a general election, and to gaining approval in Congress if she did take the White House. But the sheer volume of her plans, and their detail and variety, is forcing her rivals to play catch-up and stake out their own positions,” adds the Times.

Her proposals allow the federal government to monitor -and in some cases- dictate industry standards, salaries, bonuses, and more. She’s also called for the “break-up” of large technology companies, including Google and Amazon.

Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled her new “plan” to fight climate change Thursday; asserting she can simply “make 1.2 million jobs” to push back against global warming and reduce America’s carbon emissions.

The 2020 hopeful was speaking at an MSNBC Town Hall event when she was asked to expand on her latest proposal to protect the environment.

"I'm looking to make about 1.2M new jobs": Sen. Warren says she is looking to bring jobs to America by focusing on fighting climate change #WarrenTownHall

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) June 6, 2019

“The thing is, you can’t just wave your arms. You’ve got to have a plan, and I do have a plan on this. Here’s how it starts: I’m going to make 1.2 million new jobs, new jobs that are good jobs, that are jobs in manufacturing, good union jobs,” said Warren.

“Here’s the idea behind it. Right now, we have a climate crisis, it threatens us all… That needs a lot of research, lot of innovation, and a lot manufacturing to push back against that,” she added.