NO THANK EU: The President RIPS E.U. TARIFFS as he Departs for Europe

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President Trump called-out European Union member states for their “big tariffs” against US goods Tuesday, saying America loses over $150 billion in “unfair” trade with the EU as he departed for Europe.

“Getting ready to leave for Europe. First meeting - NATO. The U.S. is spending many times more than any other country in order to protect them. Not fair to the U.S. taxpayer. On top of that we lose $151 Billion on Trade with the European Union. Charge us big Tariffs (& Barriers)!” Trump tweeted.

“So I have NATO, I have the U.K. - which is somewhat in turmoil,” Trump told reporters Tuesday before boarding Air Force One. “And I have Putin. Frankly, Putin may be the easiest of them all. Who would think? Who would think?”

The President is set to hold high-stakes meetings with European allies in the coming days, including NATO, the United Kingdom, and others; adding that US taxpayers have long overpaid for the protection of E.U. member nations.