No talk to mods, or Q&A forum. So I guess it goes here

First an Ironic question.
How can there be a FAQ when there isn’t a place to ask questions?

2nd. A critique of the setup: I like most of this site…buuuuuuuut there is no “back” button. It’s annoying.

3rd: question. Is there an ignore function? Please let there be a ignore function that I can’t find? If there isn’t that actually may be a deal breaker for me.

There’s no ignore function but I don’t get why that’s a deal breaker? Just don’t read their texts.

Steel, here is what the co-founder of the Discorse software that runs this forum had to say about ignore/mute. It actually makes a lot of sense, and is the reason such functionality doesn’t exist here.

This place went on the cheap!

Appropriate forum for questions about the forum, suggestions, and such:

While that’s great for “bad behavior”, it does nothing for the “play dumb” drones.

Both sides have them. They are the ones that will say something blatantly incorrect. You go through a multi post string of replying to each other to proves them wrong, and the two posts later they say the same thing all over again.

Yes… a person could actively scroll past the comments without reply. But that’s not the way most people’s minds work, and in actuality even that is more attention than they deserve.

This site and community has always done well getting rid of actual bad actors. It’s the “let’s see how annoying we can be” crowd that needs the snooze button.

I tend to agree with you on your last point. I often feel like the moderation could be a little better in this one particular aspect, which is not to say the moderation isn’t good and fair.

To me the most annoying thing about the Hannity forums are the users that continuously post the same topic over and over and/or post the same reply continuously. That is annoying and not productive.

I will tell you this. I am a member of a sports forum that has a “Mob” feature where each user is granted a number of Mob votes each day. They can use up to that number of votes on one of more other members of the site. When a member receives a predetermined amount of votes against them they are banned from posting for 24 hours. The premise behind this is that a person might say something that angers a few people and yeah they may get a number of votes, but if their posts are angering enough people they pass the threshold and get a timeout to rethink their posting habits.

I’ve been at that board for some 11 years and that system works remarkably well. The troublemakers learn real quickly they won’t last the day being idiots.

That’s not a bad idea as long as the threshold is adaquetly high so one group couldn’t effectively silence anyone they wanted.

From what I can tell it is a dynamic system, which considers the longevity of the poster, the number of quality posts that aren’t ever mobbed, how long it’s been since they have received mob votes, and probably a few other things. The higher those rates the higher the threshold is for them to get the mob ban. I’ve seen posters done in just 60 votes, and I’ve seen guys withstand over 130.

Its a neat system. The board has a good reputation for self policing itself.

I don’t like that you can’t edit.

What constitutes a “group?”

Community feedback (I’ve moved the thread there)

Nope, but it’s so much easier to navigate around

No ignore feature. You’ll have to do it in your brain, just see who the poster is and scroll on.

The powers that be (aka those smarter than me) are working on it.

Thank you…