No such thing as the truth

OK all. I have been here for 14 years watching both sides fight about what is true and not. It is becoming clear to me that it is easier and easier to find like minded people no matter how far left or right one is, or how crazy a conspiracy theory is, thanks to 21st century technology. It’s getting to the point that there really isn’t a common set of facts anymore. I see us getting to the point that there will be no such thing as ‘truth’.

Here’s my question for all:

How the heck are we going to deal with a world where there is essentially no such thing as the truth?

Why do you think there ever was?


We were promised.

Truth has been replaced with alternative facts, false narratives and projection. I blame a lot of that on the internet (the blessing and the curse). However, I blame most of it on people not being critical thinkers and listening/believing only those who share the same ideological feelings. Truth and Facts be damned.


It seems like it was harder for fringe conspiracy theorists to find like minded people, for example.

Well there are some undisputed truths. Like water is wet

There is such thing as truth.

It’s just not that relevant, and never really was.


The internet.

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I agree. What kind of world are heading into with this kind if ‘individual truth’ happening? Will governments be able to say essentially anything and supporters of that government will believe no matter what?

No it’s not…it’s fluid. LOL! :grin:

Yes. My point exactly. When will people stop believing a government they support?

Is the support the predicate for belief? Or is it the reverse?

Either way will be dangerous if there is no bar to hold it accountable by.

there is such thing as truth

you’ll just never hear enough or any of it

all you hear are narratives. information crafted only to make you think a certain way


It’s always been dangerous.

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I agree there is truth. My point is, it is getting to the point where people are able to latch on to any narrative they like to the point that there might as well not be a truth.

Same as it ever was. Facts are real, but memory, need and power have always weighted desire over observation.


It seems like it is more dangerous now with less agreement on just about anything.

Good question.

You don’t think it is worse now?